Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Crossway Camping Ministries Staff

Learn 2 Fish With Us trained the Crossway Camping Ministries staff on the skills and equipment needed to fish.  This will be the first year that the camp will offer fishing as a camp activity, which is so awesome.  Captain Greg educated the staff on the fishing equipment that they purchased so they knew how to use it along with maintain it, besides educating them all the skills needed to fish, regulations on fishing and the AIS message.  After the seminar the Crossway Camping Ministries Staff practiced all the skills along with rigging up the fishing combos that the campers would use.

Captain Greg was so excited to learn that Crossway Camping Ministries wanted him to train their staff along with being excited that fishing was being offered as a camp activity.  Learn 2 Fish With Us provided tackle to rig up their fishing combo’s along with a couple tackle boxes with tackle.  Learn 2 Fish With Us also provided some Shakespeare My Fishing Journals!!  Now campers let’s go FISHING!!!