Shawano Sun Drop Days Fishing Clinic A Success!!

On Saturday, June 2nd, Learn 2 Fish With Us had a booth that taught attendee’s on the skills and equipment needed to fish.  The main attraction was Lake Shakespeare which was stocked with plenty of Backyard Bass!!  They learn how to cast and cast accurate with the help of Captain Greg and the Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers.  Besides casting, attendee’s were learned how to identify fish along with where they can be found and the bait they link.  Attendee’s also learn how to tie a Clinch and Palomar knot.  Learn 2 Fish With Us had hourly door prizes for the youth which included Shakespeare fishing combo and Berkley tackle boxes.

At 12:30 Captain Greg presented his Fishing Basics seminar where attendee’s learned about all the skills and equipment needed to fish.  Every youth attending the Fishing Basics seminar received a Shakespeare My Fishing Journal along with a Plano Stowaway with Tru-Turn hooks, Northland jigs, sinkers and a bobber.  Everything needed for fishing!!  Thanks Shawano Sun Drop Dayz for sponsoring us for being there!!