Wakefield Residents Learn 2 Ice Fish

On Saturday, February 15th, Learn 2 Fish With Us Angler Educators Greg & Karen Karch attended the Wakefield Fire Department Ice Fishing Tournament and educated youth and adults to ice fishing.  Attendee’s learned about safety while ice fishing which included; what is safe ice, dressing warm, ice picks and cleats, along with having rope if you or some else falls in.  Next, they learned the different ice fishing combos Captain Greg uses and why.  Greg then reviewed the different ice fishing jigs and lures he uses when fishing and for what fish.  Youth and adults all gasped when Greg showed them the different colors and types of jigs he used!!  They asked, “why so many different colors and sizes?”  Greg answered, ‘you never know what the fish will want and that I haven accumulated many over the forty years of ice fishing.  Next, they learned about the different bait used while ice fishing along with how to hook the bait.  Greg reviewed how to use a tip-up and some tips when using a tip-up.   So many more skills were learned; such as fish identification, how to tie a Clinch and Palomar Knot, using a flasher and Aquatic Invasive Species.  After the seminar the youth and adults had a chance to spend time with Karen & Captain Greg on the ice in the Clam X600 hub.  They ice fished while using flashers and cameras.   Captain Greg said, ‘It is so important to get our fishing clinic attendee’s out on the ice to see how to use the equipment and skills just learned during the seminar.”  Learn 2 Fish With Us held seminars at 10 AM and 1 PM and were on the ice all day.  Thanks to National Professional Angers Association each youth went home with a NPAA Future Pro shirts and thanks to Shakespeare some youth went home with a Shakespeare ice fishing combo.