Captain Greg Helps On DNR Lake Winnebago Trawler

Today Captain Greg of Learn 2 Fish With Us was on the Wisconsin DNR trawler where they were doing a study on the Lake Winnebago young of the year.  The day started of bright and early where Captain Greg met the Wisconsin DNR Crew and the other three volunteers helping out.  Today’s mission was to trawl in nine different areas.  A trawl consisted of putting the net into the water and then pulling for around five minutes.  After five minutes the net was pulled up and dumped on a counting table.  First the adult walleye, sauger, white bass, perch, crappie, bluegills and catfish were put into a tank where they were measured, recorded and released.  Next carp, quillback and suckers were counted, recorded and released.  The final step was to count the young of the year where each species was counted and recorded.  Looks like a lot of trout perch are in the system.  What a fun and knowledgeable experience!!