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Why We Love Our Volunteers: YOU Make it Possible!

We wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors for everything they have done to contribute to this year’s success. At our 2019 fishing clinics, Learn 2 Fish With Us worked with a record-setting 6,000 youth and nearly 4,000 adults. We could not have done it without the time and energy our volunteers invested into teaching …

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Learn 2 Fish Captain Greg Karch Featured on Cover of Badger Sportsman! 

  If you’re not a monthly subscriber to the Badger Sportsman magazine, you missed our own Captain Greg featured on the front cover of the May/June 2019 edition! (If you can’t tell, we’re VERY excited!)   Flip to page 30 to read the article dedicated to Greg’s story including how he started Learn 2 Fish With Us, and his ongoing love and commitment to …

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The Ultimate Boating Essentials Checklist – 10 things to bring on your next fishing trip

  Fishing rods. Check. Tackle box. Check. Fishing net. Check. Boat keys. Check. All of the other necessities for successful fishing on the boat? Not check. While the first four checklist items are a great start, there are many other fishing essentials you should store in your boat before taking to the water. Whether you’re …

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How it all began: love for the community, giving back led Captain Greg to launch Learn 2 Fish

For more than a decade, Captain Greg Karch, founder of Learn 2 Fish With Us, has been educating fishing enthusiasts of all ages through his unique seminars called “Fishing Basics” and “Ice Fishing Basics.”   At the time, he worked full–time at Thrivent Financial, but said he felt something was missing. That’s when he decided to blend his love for fishing and passion for giving back to the community to develop Learn …

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National Go Fishing Day is June 18 – Celebrate by Checking out Captain Greg’s Favorite Fishing Spots!

National Go Fishing Day is a celebratory day to take a break from your daily routine to cast your line and catch a big one (plus, who needs another excuse to go fishing on a Tuesday!). Grab some fellow anglers, your fishing gear and some snacks (oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen!), and go check …

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What Fish is That? Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 2)

It’s the fish identification guide you’ve been waiting for! If you’re still undecided on your catch after reading Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 1), check out our next list of common game fish found in Wisconsin below. 1. LARGEMOUTH BASS Also known as “Bucketmouth,” the largemouth bass has a big mouth with an …

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Free Admission Day at Discovery World – a Learn 2 Fish Record-Breaking Event!

Learn 2 Fish Free Admission Day

What’s better than spending the day at Discovery World in Milwaukee? Enjoying free admission to a variety of interactive exhibits thanks to the U.S. Forest Service!  Sunday, May 5 was a day to remember for Learn 2 Fish With Us! More than 2,000 fishing enthusiasts of all ages visited the Learn 2 Fish station and learned how to identify fish, cast and tie knots, setting a Learn …

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5 Reasons Why Volunteering with Learn 2 Fish With Us is Fin-tastic!

Learn 2 Fish With Us is always looking for passionate volunteers to help out at our free fishing clinics in the Wisconsin area. Whether you’re a professional angler or only cast a rod once a year, there’s a volunteer position for everyone. We want to reel in your support, so check out our top reasons why you …

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What Fish Is That? Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 1)

Whether you’re on the water every day or a fishing newbie, check out our guide below to get to know common fish in Wisconsin waters.   1. BLUEGILL If you’re fishing in the warm, quiet waters of Wisconsin and the fish has a black spot on its “earflaps,” you most likely caught a bluegill. These fish are the most common sunfish in the …

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Congratulations on Your Retirement, Captain Greg!

Photo of Captain Greg

After 18+ years of working at Thrivent Financial®, our own Captain Greg will be retiring on April 26! From training hundreds of people to being involved in important key initiatives, Greg made a lasting impact at Thrivent. Joy Sams, the information technology manager at Thrivent Financial®, said Greg has been an instrumental resource on the …

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