Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Future Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament Anglers

This past Saturday, May 18th, Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers educated future Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament anglers during the Kids Fishing Day event.  Thanks to Bryce and Reece which are Wisconsin’s High School Bass fishing champions helped in the Learn 2 Fish With Us booth.  Learn 2 Fish With Us educated the families on casting, fish identification, knots and live and artificial bait.  Casting we taught them how to be accurate and safe caster.  We taught them how to tie a Clinch and Palomar knot.  They learned about the different fish and how they can identify them and what bait they prefer.  The families than got to check out all the live bait we use while fishing, which included; different types and sizes of minnows, leeches and worms.  “They really enjoyed touching the live bait; Captain Greg said. The weather kept attendance down but we were still very busy educating the families to fishing.  
Thanks to the Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament for making a five hundred dollar donation to Learn 2 Fish With Us. 

Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Future Anglers At The Reel Shot Grand Reopening

This past Saturday, May 18th, Certified Angler Educator Greg Karch and NPAA Member #138, hosted a fishing seminar to introduce future anglers to the sport of fishing by hosting a Learn 2 Fish seminar during The Reel Shot grand reopening. The Reel Shot is located in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Greg kicked off his Learn 2 Fish seminar which educates attendee’s to the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing.  Learn 2 Fish seminar taught them: safety while fishing, fishing combos, casting, fishing presentations, knots, live and artificial bait, fish identification, the environment and the Clean Drain Dry message.  So many future anglers wanted to do hands on education with Captain Greg during and after the seminar.  During the seminar the youth and adults asked Captain Greg so many questions on the sport of fishing, which was so cool.  Greg really enjoyed The Reel Shot layout, as they had plenty of room, even enough for casting indoors.
If you haven’t stopped in at The Reel Shot, they have everything for fishing and hunting along with a very helpful staff!!  There live bait is top notch!!

Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association each youth went home with a spinning or spin cast fishing combo.

Oshkosh Community Learns To Fish

On Wednesday, May 15th, Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers hosted a fishing clinic for the Oshkosh Community, which was held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at the YMCA facility.  

The fishing clinic started out with Captain Greg presenting  a shortened version of his Fishing Basics seminar which educated the families on safety while fishing, fishing combos, fishing presentations, live and artificial bait and the environment.  After the seminar the youth were split up into four groups that rotated through four stations.  Station one was casting and here they learned how to properly cast with a spin cast and spinning fishing combo and if they had a good cast, would catch a Backyard Bass. The second station was knot tying where they learned how to tie a Clinch and Palomar knot.  You should have seen all the youth as they were so excited to tie their own knots.  Station three was the Aquatic  Invasive Species where they learn about the different species, where found and what they look like.  The final station was fish identification and attendee’s learned how to identify the fish, where they can be found and the best bait to use to catch them.  
At the end of the fishing clinic each youth received fishing combo and Future Pro shirt.


Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Families To Fishing At CMD Company Picnic

On Saturday, May 13th, Learn 2 Fish With Us Certified Angler Educator Captain Greg and Karen Karch, hosted a fishing clinic to introduce CMD families to the great sport of fishing during their company picnic which was held at Appleton Memorial Park in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The morning started out with Greg presenting his Fishing Basics seminar which educated the families on skills and equipment needed to begin fishing such as: safety while fishing, fishing combos, casting, fishing presentations, knots, live and artificial bait, fish identification, the environment and the Clean Drain Dry message.  After the seminar it was time for the families to practice casting as many had never fished before.   Once they were done practicing casting they enjoyed lunch.  After lunch it was time for fishing!!
The families took all the skills they learned and applied them while fishing.  Fishing was tough but a few future anglers had nibblers but were not able to catch them.  This spring we have had such weird weather,  with cold days and then a warm day intermixed making the water temp changing every day, which makes fishing very tough.  Many families look forward to fishing in the future as the youth received fishing combos and Future Pro shirts thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association.
Greg would like thank his and Learn 2 Fish With Us sponsor’s which include: Shakespeare, Thrivent Financial, National Professional Anglers Association, Writing By Design, James & Rosanne Keller Family Foundation, Mercury Marine, Triton Boats, Badger Sportsman, The Boat Doc, BassPro, Battle On Bago, Berkley, Dave’s Musky Club, Off Shore Tackle Company, Northland Tackle, TTI Blakemore Fishing Group, Maui Jim, Mad Wraps, Future Angler Foundation and The Reel Shot.

Free Admission Day at Discovery World – a Learn 2 Fish Record-Breaking Event!

Learn 2 Fish Free Admission Day

What’s better than spending the day at Discovery World in Milwaukee? Enjoying free admission to a variety of interactive exhibits thanks to the U.S. Forest Service! 

Sunday, May 5 was a day to remember for Learn 2 Fish With Us! More than 2,000 fishing enthusiasts of all ages visited the Learn 2 Fish station and learned how to identify fish, cast and tie knots, setting a Learn 2 Fish record for number of individuals educated at a single event. 

“This was a huge event for Learn 2 Fish With Us,” Captain Greg Karch, founder of Learn 2 Fish, said. “Sharing our passion for fishing and giving back to the community is what we do best, and I’m looking forward to more record-breaking free fishing workshops!”  

In 2017, Learn 2 Fish hosted a fishing clinic, called Camp Fish, at Discovery World. During this event, Captain Greg presented his fishing basics workshop and invited participants to go fishing.  The workshop was a hit and Discovery World asked Learn 2 Fish to come back for their Earth Day celebration in 2018 where they set their previous attendance record (over 1,000 youth and adults!). A hit once again, Discovery World invited Learn 2 Fish to their free-admission day this year! 

With the free-admission day at Discovery World setting a Learn 2 Fish workshop record, Captain Greg said he can’t wait to come back again next year.  

“We couldn’t do it without our volunteers,” Greg said. “We would also like to give a huge thanks to Discovery World for hosting the event and U.S. Forest Service for providing free admission for all attendees. And a big thank you to the volunteers from Discovery World and U.S. Fish and Wildlife for lending a helping hand during the event.”   

Check out more photos of our volunteers and fishing enthusiasts having a blast at this record-breaking Learn 2 Fish event! 

5 Reasons Why Volunteering with Learn 2 Fish With Us is Fin-tastic!

Learn 2 Fish With Us is always looking for passionate volunteers to help out at our free fishing clinics in the Wisconsin area. Whether you’re a professional angler or only cast a rod once a year, there’s a volunteer position for everyone. We want to reel in your support, so check out our top reasons why you should volunteer with Learn 2 Fish With Us! 

1. You can make a difference in young anglers’ lives.

Remember the excitement of reeling in your first catch? You get to relive that as you help kids learn how to fish. Children absolutely love Learn 2 Fish free fishing workshops. Whether you’re a knot-tying expert, can identify fish with your eyes shut or just love fishing, get your volunteering hat on because kids are waiting for YOU to teach them something new.  

2. Your employer might even pay you to volunteer.

Some employers offer volunteer time off (VTO). What’s better than getting paid while volunteering at Learn 2 Fish events? We can’t think of anything. Check with your human resources department today!  

3. Volunteering is healthy!

Feeling down? Get out and volunteer! People naturally have a need to help others, and studies show that volunteering makes you happy, increases self-confidence, provides a sense of purpose and helps you stay fit. 

4. It helps you find friends who share the same love for fishing.

Volunteering at Learn 2 Fish events is a great way to meet new people who share common interests (like fishing!). From bait junkies to fish-finder snobs to not-so-secret fishing spot guides, there’s a fish-loving friend for everyone in the Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteer community.  

5. Volunteering adds personality and character to your resume.

Want your resume to stand out? Start volunteering! According to Hiration, listing volunteer experience on a resume shows that you care about the community, take action and work well with teams. 

Now that we have reeled you in, sign up to volunteer for an L2F event today! Or, click here for more information. *To volunteer at an upcoming Learn 2 Fish eventsign up and click on the link to get a background check done (that’s it!). After signing up, Captain Greg will reach out to you prior to your event via email to ensure you know where to go and to also make sure you get your free yellow Learn 2 Fish t-shirt at the event! 

What Fish Is That? Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 1)

Whether you’re on the water every day or a fishing newbie, check out our guide below to get to know common fish in Wisconsin waters.  


If you’re fishing in the warm, quiet waters of Wisconsin and the fish has a black spot on its “earflaps,” you most likely caught a bluegill. These fish are the most common sunfish in the state and can be found hiding in a cover of weed beds or in small schools with other sunfish.  


These yellow-sided fish with prominent vertical lines are hard to miss! Yellow perch prefer the cool, open waters of Wisconsin’s deepest lakes and are most active during the day. You can catch a yellow perch on almost any bait but set your hook quickly because they’re known to nibble lightly.  


Clear, open water is a black crappie hotspot (their second favorite place is resting among logs or weed beds during the day)! These strong and speckled fish have seven to eight spines on their dorsal fin. If you’re casting in cooler, deeper water with a minnow or small jig, the crappies will bite!  


Rock bass are named after their favorite habitat: rocky-bottom lakes and rivers. Known as “goggle-eyes” in some states, these bronze-colored panfish have large eyes and five to seven spines on their anal fins. Whether you’re using worms, minnows or poppers, you can catch rock bass on almost any kind of hook because they aren’t picky eaters.  


Found in large schools, white bass have silvery bodies marked with thin, black stripes. These fish are also commonly referred to as “stripers” and are found in the open waters of lakes and rivers where they come to spawn each spring. Want to catch one? Try using minnows or bucktail spinners in the spring while they are in a feeding frenzy.  


With two barbels on the sides of their mouths, common carp are hard to miss! Native to Asia and introduced to Wisconsin from Europe, these fish have adapted well to most of Wisconsin’s waters and are now considered invasive. Common carp can survive with little oxygen and muddy the water as they pull up and feed on plant roots. 

There are so many types of fish in our lakes, ponds and rivers, so determining the type of fish you caught can be tricky. If you’re still undecided on your catch, stay tuned for Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 2) for another list of common fish found in Wisconsin waters.  

It May Have Been Cold And Windy But Over Four Hundred Youth Attended Regner Park Fishing Event

On Saturday, April 13th, It may have been cold and windy day, but that did not keep the families from attending the Regner Park Fishing Event, which was held in West Bend, Wisconsin.  Over four hundred youth attended the event.  Many groups came together to hold this all day event which provided fishing education, fishing, prizes and lunch.    

Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers Karen, Nick, Bob and Captain Greg educated families on the skills and equipment needed to fish in their educational booth.  Attendee’s learned about fishing equipment, safety while fishing, knots, fish identification and Aquatic Invasive species.  The number one attraction in the Learn 2 Fish With Us booth was casting with Backyard Bass along with seeing and touching the live bait.  Youth were so excited to learn more on fishing. 

A Healthy Mind Is A Great Thing!! Learn 2 Fish With Us Instructs Youth On Casting So They Can Get Outdoors And Fish

This past weekend Learn 2 Fish With Us attended the Big Event which was held at Shopko Hall in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  This was a fundraiser for Encompass which uses their proceeds from the event to provide the finest quality early education and nurturing care to all children, regardless of their economic circumstances.  Based on this we believe that Learn 2 Fish With Us fits in with their vision by creating a healthy mind, by introducing youth to fishing and the outdoors.

Learn 2 Fish With Us Captain Greg, Board Member Mark Moran and other Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers educated youth that were ten and under to the skills of casting!!  There were so many fish caught the day of the event.  Youth in the booth were taught to point their Shakespeare fishing combo at the fish.  Next look behind them so they don’t hook anyone.  Next, press the button and go to 2 o’clock over their their should.  Next, proceed forward to 10 o’clock and release the button.  The final step was to turn the handle which locks the reel and then start reeling in to hopefully catch a Backyard Bass.

Learn 2 Fish With us educated over eight hundred youth to casting making this one of our top ten events in the last eight years.  The average age of youth entering the booth were between four to six years old, making this the youngest Learn 2 Fish With Us audience for a fishing clinic.  Learn 2 Fish With Us really appreciated the volunteers that helped at the event, as this would not have been possible without them!!  A huge thanks to all our sponsors for helping to provide goodies to the youth.

Congratulations on Your Retirement, Captain Greg!

Photo of Captain Greg After 18+ years of working at Thrivent Financial®, our own Captain Greg will be retiring on April 26! From training hundreds of people to being involved in important key initiatives, Greg made a lasting impact at Thrivent.

Joy Sams, the information technology manager at Thrivent Financial®, said Greg has been an instrumental resource on the Mutual Fund Accounting Information Technology team.

“His knack for asking the right questions and documenting the systems/processes has been a key resource within our area for others to be successful,” Sams said. “He will definitely be missed on our team.”

What’s ahead for Captain Greg? A lot more fishing (and time for teaching kids and their families how to fish, of course)!