Westside Elementary Fishing Education

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Yesterday afternoon, Greg presented his ‘Fishing Basics’ seminar to the third graders at Westside Elementary in Kimberly.   I big thanks goes to Greg’s coworkers Jim and Ryan for helping out.  Yesterday Greg started tailoring the fishing clinic to the Shakespeare’s  ‘My Fishing Journal’.    The kids really enjoyed the book!!  On Thursday the kids read an article that was published in the Badger Sportsman that talked about Greg’s fishing and teaching of fishing.  Greg said he had a lot of fun with the third graders and hopes to make this an annual event.  He has also expressed starting a after school fishing club at Westside.  Thanks Westside Elementary

Look who’s on the NWT Tournament Email


Were in the brochure for Cabela’s NWT!!

Triton 216 Fishunter is Here!!


The Triton 216 Fishunter has arrived and is in the Fond du Lac Recreation show.  Check out The Boat Doc booth to see the new boat and all the features.

Greg Karch is now a Cetified Angler Instructor

This weekend I attended the Lord Baden Powell Univeristy to get certifed as a CAI (Certfied Angler Instructor).  I passed the exam which had questions about eveything from fishing, fly fishing and the environment.  This weekend I learned a lot about fly fishing and tied a couple flies!!  I will now be able to instruct and certify scouts pursuing the fishing or fly fishing merit badge.  What a great weekend, I learned many new fishing related items so I can teach the youth and adults.  Let’s go fishing!!!!!

Do Your Part For The Next Generation

Here is a link to an article Greg was in.  http://www.outdoorhub.com/opinions/do-your-part-for-the-next-generation-of-hunters-and-anglers/


Madison Fishing Expo 2013

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This past weekend I was at the Madison Fishing Expo where I presented my ‘Fishing Basic’ seminar four times during the show.   We educated around 250 youths and just as many adults and parents.  Thanks for all the compliments from the seminar attendee’s and the Madison Fishing Expo Board.  Thanks to the NPAA and Future Angler Foundation for the donation of shirts and fishing combos, Shakespeare for fishing combos and Madison Fishing Expo for the Go Fishing Books.

Shakespeare and Berkley product for my upcoming clinics!!

Today I found many boxes in the garage!!!  Thanks Shakespeare and Berkley for partnering up for our 2013 Fishing Clincs!!  They donated Fishing Combos, T-shirts, Stren fishing line, Powerbait (trout worms) and the Hide-A-Hook Bobber Fishing… kit.   This year the parents attending the clinics will have a chance at some prizes as Shakespeare donated ten Ugly Stick fishing combo’s.  Together we are growing the sport of fishing!!!!See More

A day on the frozen water. Tips on Ice Fishing!!

Yesterday I spent sometime ice fishing and shooting some video that I will share at the Maplewood Fishing Club when I talk about ice fishing equipment and techniques.  The first part of the video was techniques and the later part is catching all the fish as I had a great couple of hours!!  Started out fishing plastic but luckily I had spikes.  Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pncUY4FQUDY

National Professional Anglers Association Conference


Last week I attended the National Professional Anglers Association in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I presented a seminar on ‘Look to the Future’ which reviewed everything to think about when hosting a Future Angler Event.  From who is looking for a clinic, location, type of clinic, what to review during the clinic, sponsors and more.  At the conference I received an award for Outstanding Service and Dedication as NPAA Future Angler Chair.

Triton Thursday – Ran the Fishunter 216 and 186 on Lake Winnebago

We were wishing for sun to get some great pictures of the Tritons on good old Lake Winnebago but the clouds moved in.   At least we had wind today and these boats ran great in the chop.  After running a 215 for six years I could not believe… how much room there is in the back of the boat.  Two big guys were way in back and we never hit.  I was concerned when I heard Triton 216 moved the consoles forward but the ride was great from the driver seat.  The livewell is huge and off course there was plenty of storage onboard!!  Can’t wait to order my Triton 216 Fishunter.