Youth And Families Introduced To The Greatest Sport On Earth!! FISHING!! At the N.E.W. Sport Fishin Show!!

Youth and families were introduced to the greatest sport on earth!!! FISHING, during the Northeast Wisconsin Sport Fishin Show. The show was held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at the Sunnyview Expo on February 14th. Youth and families were educated on the skills needed to fish by Learn 2 Fish With Us Certified Angler Educator Greg Karch during his ‘Fishing Basics’ seminar. ‘Fishing Basics’ educates attendee’s on the following skills which include fishing safety, spin cast and spinning combos, setting the hook, casting, knots, fish identification, parts of a fish, bait, catch and release, and the AIS message of ‘Clean, Drain and Dry’. Each youth attending the seminar received a Shakespeare Fishing Combo thanks to Learn 2 Fish With Us and Shakespeare. Learn 2 Fish With Us mission statement is ‘Grow the sport of fishing by educating and inspiring beginner and experienced anglers’. After the seminar Greg and Karen worked with youth to provide hands on training for casting, tying knots, fish identification and parts of a fish. Karen said ‘It’s so good to see all the smiles on the youth faces after they have a good cast or tie a knot’.