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Scouts Learn 2 Fish Pursuing Their Fishing Merit Badge

On Thursday, July 9th, Learn 2 Fish With Us Angler Educator Captain Greg attended the Boy and Girl Scouts at Twin Lake Camp located in Waupaca, WI.  The scouts learn about the equipment, bait and skills needed to achieve the fishing merit badge.  After the educational part of the event it was time for them to catch fish, clean them and then cook them.  Bass, bluegills and perch were caught.  Thanks to Shakespeare Fishing each youth received a fishing combo that Captain Greg helped them rig with a Tru-Turn hook, sinker and bobber.   All the kids had a blast.  Thanks for having us at camp. 

This was the first fishing clinic Learn 2 Fish With Us has hosted in three months.  We took extra precaution by having plenty of hand sanitizer and commercial grade sanitizer to keep our equipment safe. 

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April Fishing Clinics Postponed Due To COVID-19 Virus And Attendee’s Safety

Due to the COVID-19 virus we have postponed all fishing clinics in April.  We may postpone fishing clinics in May and June due to the status of the COVID-19 virus.  We believe in maintaining a safe environment for youth, families and volunteers that attend our events.  Please check our calendar for an up to date calendar of our 2020 fishing clinics.  

Fishing Basics A Hit During The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport Show!!!

Learn 2 Fish With Us and National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) hosted Fishing Basics and Advanced Fishing Basics seminars at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport Show on Saturday, March 7th.   Learn 2 Fish With Us and NPAA members Karen #121 and Greg Karch #138 hosted the seminars.  A half hour before the Fishing Basics seminar was to start, families were lined up for the Fishing Basics seminar.  All youth sixteen and under received a Shakespeare fishing combo thanks to the NPAA.  Fishing Basics seminar, educates youth and families to all skills and equipment needed to begin fishing in an interactive approach.  Captain Greg felt that Fishing Basics needed to have an interactive approach so he could keep youth engaged throughout the forty-five minute seminar.  Youth, families and adults learned safety while fishing, bait, presentations, fishing equipment and aquatic invasive species.  After the seminar parents came up to Greg to say how amazed they were, that he kept youth engaged throughout the seminar!!

The second seminar ‘Advanced Fishing Basics’ seminar is built upon the ‘Fishing Basic’ skills and equipment and educates attendees on: bait caster and line counter reels, jigs and plastics, crankbaits, jigging and trolling presentations, how a graph works, maps, filleting a fish and cooking of the fish.  Greg was amazed at how many adults attended this seminar.  Youth sixteen and under received a Plano mini tackle box that had Northland jigs, Tru-Turn hooks, sinkers, plastics and a bobber.  Everything needed while fishing!!  Learn 2 Fish With Us provided the giveaway.