Learn 2 Fish With Us Host Ice Fishing Clinic For Scouts

On Monday, October 21st, Learn 2 Fish With Us Angler Educator and NPAA Member Greg Karch #121 held an Ice Fishing Clinic for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts of Green Bay which was held at Langlade Elementary.   During the Ice Fishing Clinic scouts learned about the skills and equipment needed to begin ice fishing.  The evening started out with scouts learning about safety while ice fishing which included; warm cloths, wearing a life jacket outside clothing, ice picks, rope, ice cleats, hooks and more.  Next, scouts learned about ice fishing equipment which included different ice fishing combos, jigs, plastics, lures, tip ups, along with learning how to use them.  Scouts learned about the different baits used while ice fishing along with how to hook the bait.  Captain Greg reviewed what he does on a typical day when ice fishing.  Greg, then showed videos of him ice fishing, so they would know how to jig while ice fishing along with seeing how fun sight fishing can be.  The fishing clinic ended with the scouts learning how to identify fish, Aquatic Invasive Species and leave to trace which means to clean up the area you are fishing.  Each youth went home with a NPAA Future Pro shirt and ice fishing prize such as Shakespeare ice fishing combo, bait, tip-up or ice spikes.  The adults attending the ice fishing clinic said they learned  a lot and planned on putting the knowledge to use this ice fishing season.so much!!



Why We Love Our Volunteers: YOU Make it Possible!

We wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors for everything they have done to contribute to this year’s success. At our 2019 fishing clinics, Learn 2 Fish With Us worked with a record-setting 6,000 youth and nearly 4,000 adults. We could not have done it without the time and energy our volunteers invested into teaching kids how to fish! Your dedication and commitment to share your passion for fishing have not gone unnoticed.  

Whether you have helped with setup or registration, managed the sales of merchandise, assisted with fishing stations, taught casting instruction or donated money or equipment, we truly could NOT have done it without you. Because of you, kids and families now have a skill for life they can all share and cherish. It’s amazing how many people a small nonprofit can impact. Our success was exhibited this year by attending, teaching, hosting and educating youth and their families through 32 fishing clinicsLearn 2 Fish With Us covered a broad range of areas from elementary and high schools, sports shows, educational events, festivals, outdoor events, cub and girl scouts and so many more.  
We cannot wait to see what the 2020 fishing season will bring. Together we can continue to grow the sport of fishing by educating and inspiring beginner and experienced anglers. All of us at Learn 2 Fish cannot say it enough: thank you to all our volunteers and supporters from the bottom of our hearts. We truly appreciate all that you do. Thank you!  

Stay tuned for opportunities to volunteer next year. We look forward to having a great team of volunteers to make our 2020 events even more successful!  

Harbor Fest Attendee’s learn 2 fish

On Sunday, September 8th, Learn 2 Fish With Us and our volunteers attended Harbor Fest which was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the School Of Freshwater Science.  Learn 2 Fish With Us had a Fishing educational booth which educated over three hundred youth and nearly as many adults on the skills and equipment needed to fish.  Skills learned in the booth were casting, fish identification, safety while fishing, how to tie knots and the different baits we use while fishing.   Adults asked many questions such as; where do I buy an fishing license, best spots to fish, best bait to use and presentations.  A family that attended sent me a text that said “The grand kids had the best time at your booth.  Thank you so much.  The kids were so excited to tell their parents about FISHING and the live bait.  They were so excited about the shirts you gave them they put them on and my granddaughter can’t wait to use her Shakespeare fishing combo.  Youth received; Shakespeare casting plugs, NPAA Future Pro Shirts and fishing combos.  Thanks to the Learn 2 Fish With Us and Harbor Fest volunteers for all your help!!




Learn 2 Fish With Us Fishing Booth A Huge Success At PBS Get Up And Go Day

On Saturday, August 3rd, Learn 2 Fish With Us and it’s volunteers where at PBS Get Up And Go Day at the Timber Rattlers Stadium in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Learn 2 Fish With Us had a Fishing educational booth which educated over six hundred youth on the skills needed to fish.  Skills learned in the booth were casting, fish identification, safety while fishing, how to tie knots and the different baits we use while fishing.   Youth received; Shakespeare casting plugs, NPAA Future Pro Shirts and fishing coloring books.  Thanks to the Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers.


4 Fish-tastic Ways to Celebrate National Fishing Month

Did you know that August is National Fishing Month? This fun holiday was created to increase interest in angling and get more people of all ages involved in the sport. Throughout Fishing Month, there are many activities you can participate in to celebrate! Whether it’s catching the biggest fish you can find or just fishing to your heart’s content, check out these great ways to celebrate Fishing Month!


  1. Go fishing with your best friend. Nothing is more relaxing than fishing on the open water with your best friend. Beautiful weather, fresh air and catching fish is all you need to make the most out of National Fishing month.
  2. Volunteer your fishing knowledge. Learn 2 Fish is always looking for volunteers for future Learn 2 Fish events. Watch for upcoming events and sign up to volunteer!
  3. Work on your angler skills. Want to learn how to tie a new knot? Or maybe advance your casting skills? Now’s the time to do it. Take a few days out of National Fishing Month to work on your skillset (and then you can brag to all your friends!).
  4. Purchase some new fishing gear. Whether it’s a new boat or a lure, we know you’ve had your eye on something for a while. Reward yourself this month and splurge on some shiny, new fishing gear. You won’t regret it!

So, how will YOU celebrate National Fishing Month?

Captain Greg’s Go-To Lures for Walleye Fishing

Let’s face it: fish are picky when it comes to their food (especially walleye). And trying to find the right lures when you walk into the fishing section with rows of lures looking back at you is tough (and so is not buying them all…). That’s why Captain Greg is sharing his favorite fishing lures for walleye fishing.

  1. Storm’s Hot ‘N Tot®

Storm’s Hot ‘N Tot lure is one of Captain Greg’s favorite lures for catching walleye. This lure features a metal lip and side-to-side searching that walleyes have a hard time keeping their eyes off. What makes this lure so special though are the wide range of fish-catching colors it comes in. They come in classic, chrome, holographic or UV finishes. All of these features make the Hot ‘N Tot one of the best lures for trolling walleyes.

  1. Berkley® Flicker Shad Size 7

When Captain Greg is fishing for walleye in water 8 feet deep or more, his go-to fishing lure is the Berkley Flicker Shad size 7. With attracting colors and finishes, this crank bait is a pro at grabbing the attention of walleye. It also has a unique rattle and rolling, flicker action that mimics fleeing or injured baitfish.

  1. Berkley® Flicker Shad Size 5

The Berkley Flicker Shad size 5 is perfect when Captain Greg is fishing in water 7 feet deep or less. A lot like the size 7, the Flicker Shad size 5 acts as an injured or fleeing fish to trick walleye. Its smaller size makes this one of the best lures to catch Walleye in shallower water.

  1. Hand-tied Crawler Harness

Captain Greg ties his own crawler harnesses using Berkley Vanish, Dsichii hooks and Northland Baitfish Blades in gold, silver or chartreuse. These lures are known for zigzagging through the water and attracting the eyes of hungry fish. What are you waiting for? Grab some night crawlers and brush up on your knot-tying skills to start catching some killer walleye!

Oshkosh Fleet Farm & Learn 2 Fish With Us educate future anglers!!

On Saturday, July 13th the Oshkosh Fleet Farm and Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers educated the youth to fishing during Fleet Farm’s Kids Fishing Day.  There were so many activities for the youth from a fishing seminar to many fishing educational stations for skills and equipment!!  Some of the educational skill stations which allowed hands on education was safety, casting, fish identification, bait and knot tying.  Youth and families also got to enjoy checking out safety equipment, different types of reels and rods, lines, lures, tackle and more.  Captain Greg even brought out his Triton 216 Fishunter and Mercury motors!!  Talking to the kids, they said they had a blast at Kids Fishing Day.  Thanks to the NPAA each youth went home with a Future Pro Shirt.  Thanks to all Fleet Farm and Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers that helped at the event!!

Boys & Girls Club Campers Catch Fish

On Wednesday, July 10th Captain Greg of Learn 2 Fish With Us helped take the youth from the Boys & Girls Club Camp Whitcomb Mason which is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  During the day we took a group of boys and another group of girls out fishing and were the fish biting!!  Bluegills and Bass were caught.  The youth even seen turtles and a lot of other wildlife!!  Check out all the smiles.  While fishing the youth learn how to hook bait, take fish off, hold fish, jig and some learned how to tie a Clinch knot.  Captain Greg had a BLAST!!!

Oshkosh Boys & Girls Club Learn 2 Fish

On Tuesday, July 9th the Badger Sportsman and Learn 2 Fish With Us hosted a fishing clinic for the Oshkosh Boys & Girls Club at Menominee Park.  The day started out by Captain Greg presented a shortened version of his Fishing Basics seminar which educated attendee’s on the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing.  After the seminar, the youth learned and practiced casting.  It was then time for the youth to put their skills to use when they went fishing with the Badger Sportsman staff.  Many fish were caught; from walleye, perch, catfish and sheephead.  You should have seen all the smiles as you heard, “got another one on”.  After fishing it was time for all to show their catch.  The fish were then filleted and cleaned for lunch.  Lunch was served which included all the different fish they caught.  At the end of the day each youth received a Shakespeare fishing combo and NPAA Future Pro shirt.  All the youth did not want to head back to the building instead they all wanted to go back fishing!!  We all came together to make it a great day for the youth!!

Learn 2 Fish Captain Greg Karch Featured on Cover of Badger Sportsman! 


If you’re not a monthly subscriber to the Badger Sportsman magazine, you missed our own Captain Greg featured on the front cover of the May/June 2019 edition! (If you can’t tell, we’re VERY excited!)  

Flip to page 30 to read the article dedicated to Greg’s story including how he started Learn 2 Fish With Us, and his ongoing love and commitment to the not-for-profit organization.  

We don’t want to spoil it for you, so check out the original article here!