Learn 2 Fish With Us & Head2Head Pro Walleye Series Host Fishing Clinics in Detroit, Michigan

Learn 2 Fish With Us and Head 2 Head Fishing Pro Walleye Series hosted fishing clinics at Elizabeth Park which is near Detroit, Michigan.  This was Learn 2 Fish With Us furthest fishing clinic at near five hundred miles from home base!! The fishing clinics were held April 13th, 14th and 15th from  4:30 to 6:30 PM.  The youth and families were excited to learn about the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing.  Many different non-profit organizations attended the Fishing Basics seminar where there learned: safety while fishing, spin cast and spinning fishing combos, casting, different fishing presentations, knots, fish identification, live and artificial bait and aquatic invasive species.  After the seminar the youth practiced tying knots and casting.

At the end of the fishing clinic the youth all learned that they would receive a Shakespeare fishing combo, NPAA Future Pro Shirt, My Fishing Journal and Tru-Turn hooks!!  They were so excited!

Learn 2 Fish With Us so enjoyed working with the Head 2 Head Pro Walleye Series and look forward to the next fishing clinic  we will hold at Lucky’s On The Lake which is on Lake Wisconsin.

More Locations Added To Shore Fishing

Check out the Shore Fishing destinations as we now have the following counties; Dane, Door, Green Lake, Outagamie and Winnebago.  We will continue to add new locations, pictures and tips throughout the year.  So keep checking back!!

Shore Fishing Destinations Added To Website

This past month Learn 2 Fish With Us has been busy adding Shore Fishing destinations and will continue to grow this fishing resource for you.  To see Shore Fishing destinations, click on menu bar ‘Shore Fishing’ and select county and scroll through the page for an area you would like to fish.  Shore Fishing menu item provides some or all of the information for each location such as; address, picture of the fishing area, description of fishing area, fish in area, when fish might be present in area and type of fish, presentation he used to catch fish along with the fish he caught.  So keep checking back as we will continue to grow the shore fishing destinations!!

How To Tie A Improved Clinch Knot

How To Tie a Palomar Knot

Checklist For Preparing Your Boat/Trailer For First Outing


  • Wash down boat and put a nice coat of wax. I do this monthly during spring and summer.
  • Check status of batteries / battery charger works
  • Validate that post of batteries are covered on starting battery and trolling motor batteries. If not, could get ticket from DNR or Coast Guard.
  • Are batteries affixed to boat? If not could get ticket from DNR or Coast Guard
  • Main motor and kicker turn over
  • Validate that you have main motor kill tether
  • Have transom saver for main motor
  • Validate fire extinguisher is charged with needle in green of gauge
  • Validate plug in boat
  • Validate live-well and bait-well pump works
  • Validate that you have all plugs for live-well, bait-well and cooler if you have one
  • Validate bilge works
  • Validate trolling motor works along with remotes
  • Validate trolling motor remote batteries
  • Is trolling motor tightly secured to boat? The bolts/screws will loosen over time.
  • Validate that all graphs powerup, read bottom and GPS position is acquired
  • Do you have needed navigation chips (mapping)
  • Validate all gauges on driver console are working.
  • If you have a windshield make sure it is tightened to boat and that screws in windshield are not loose
  • Validate all boat compartment lift pistons can hold up compartment door. If not, you should be able to order or buy in store.  Model should be on side of piston.
  • If boat has a keel guard validate that keep is completely glued to boat
  • Validate that you have a set of jump cables that could reach from your trolling motor batteries to the starting battery.
  • Validate how many life jackets on board and the number of passengers when going out
  • Validate you have a throwable on board
  • If on federal waters such as Lake Michigan or Lake Winnebago, that you have a flare kit (not expired) and horn or whistle. Good to have this for any waterway
  • Tighten all screws on boat which include the following; Pedestal bases, seats, cleats, rails, gauges, rod holders, windshield, graph mounts and graphs, transducers, and screws under console
  • First aid kit in boat
  • Are navigation light for front and back in boat and work
  • Boat bumpers and bow lines
  • Have a set of screwdrivers, pliers and crescent wrench and other needed tools on board
  • Have electrical and duct tape on board
  • Spare rope
  • Do you have an anchor on board?
  • Is weight distributed throughout boat? Could help with boat lean
  • Know the rules of the water such as boat driving at you, no wake buoy and so forth


  • When was last time wheel bears were packed with grease / or do it? Drive around and see if bears heat up.
  • Check trailer light plug along with vehicle plug in as may be corroded
  • All trailer lights work
  • Bow strap is in good shape
  • Trailer tongue is working properly
  • Tires / rims look good and filled properly with air
  • Spare tire along with the proper lug nut wrench
  • Have jack that can lift up boat to change wheel. Big boats require a heavy duty jack!!
  • If bunk trailer are bunks screwed securely?

L2FWU Volunteer & Board Fishing Outing

On Saturday, January 23rd, Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers and board members had a great time on the ice with Captain Greg!!  They were fishing Partridge Crop which is close to New London, Wisconsin.  The day may have started out cold with the starting temp being a cold -1.  Thanks to the wind being calm it was not long at the temp was in the twenties.  The panfish bite was slow, but thanks to northerns the and flags were flying.  Over twenty northern were caught with the largest being thirty inches!!  Both keeper northern were caught with hot dogs!!  Snacks and brats were served along with beverages and so much conversations!!  A fun time was had and we so look forward to next years event!!

Fishing Checklist With Additional Items Needed When Fishing From Boat

Below are the additional items need when fishing from a boat: (Please also refer to the shore fishing checklist)

  • Life jacket for each person in boat along with one throwable
  • Great lakes safety kit requirement– Flares, flare gun, whistle
  • Anchor and rope
  • Boat fenders
  • Throw rope along with tie downs
  • Front and back navigation light if fishing during dawn or dusk
  • Electronics / GPS to help you while fishing and returning back
  • Map of lake
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Boat cover
  • Spare oil
  • Spare plug
  • Paddle
  • Great lakes kit – Flares, flare gun, whistle
  • Bucket in case boat takes on water
  • If battery on board must be affixed to boat and battery connections must me covered up
  • Know the rules of the water such as boat driving at you, no wake buoy and so forth
  • Duct tape
  • Vehicle and boat insurance information
  • Weather radio
  • Launch pass


Trailer needs:

  • Spare tire and jack – Make sure the jack can lift the boat up to change tire
  • All trailer lights work
  • Bow strap is in good shape

Simple and easy fish chowder

Here is a video that takes you through all the steps of creating fish chowder!!

January 16th Fishing Clinic Video

Here is a video we shot during the January 16th cub scout Ice Fishing Clinic.  Let us know if your group or organization is looking for a Ice Fishing Clinic.