Our Board

Greg Karch

Photo of Captain Greg Karch

President and Executive Director

Greg Karch has been on the Learn 2 Fish board since its inception in 2015. He had been operating Learn 2 Fish for years and started the board to share his passion and joy of fishing with people of all ages who want to learn about the greatest sport of all (yes, we’re totally biased), fishing! Greg’s favorite place to fish is the Bay of Green Bay, Lake Winnebago, or just about anywhere he can be on the water (it’s how he relaxes). He loves jigging, casting for walleye and ice fishing for panfish! Why does Greg do it? To share his love for fishing and inspire future fishermen and fisherwomen.

Abby Ellenbecker

Photo of Abby Ellenbecker


Abby joined the Learn 2 Fish board in February 2019 as the secretary and said she hopes to make a positive impact on others in the digitally-driven era we live in. Abby enjoys teaching kids how to fish, getting them out in nature and helping them make memories. The exhilarating, fish-on-the-line feeling is something no tablet or video game can replicate and is something Abby said she thinks leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. She is a Senior Associate Brand Manager at Kimberly-Clark Corporation and her favorite type of fishing is the White Bass run on the Wolf River.

Ryan Burnett

Photo of Ryan Burnett


As a founding board member and treasurer for Learn 2 Fish, Ryan said he enjoys sharing the joy of fishing through Learn 2 Fish’s free fishing workshops. He is passionate about helping underprivileged youth, who may not have someone to teach them how to fish, learn the basics of this great life-long sport. He enjoys trolling and jigging for walleye and his favorite place to fish is Lake Erie.

Mark Moran


Child Protection/Youth Safety Chair

As the principal at St Martin Lutheran School in Clintonville and in his role on the Learn 2 Fish board, keeping kids safe is at the heart of Mark’s work with youth. Mark joined the board to help strengthen the organization and teach children how to fish. His favorite places to fish are Rose Lake and Lake Winnebago, where he enjoys fishing for Walleye. 

Joyce Bennett-Looney

Photo of Joyce
Volunteer Chair

When Joyce and her husband Reuben moved to Wisconsin, their neighbor learned that they both enjoyed fishing and introduced them to the Learn 2 Fish organization. They both started volunteering and Joyce said joining the board was not only a great opportunity for her to meet new people and find great fishing spots, but also a way to help the Fox Valley community. She is passionate about helping kids (and their parents) spend less time on the couch and more time outside in the great outdoors fishing. By volunteering through Learn 2 Fish, she helps teach younger generations about this lifetime sport and immerses herself into the community. Joyce’s favorite spot to go trolling for fish is near the mouth of where the Detroit River meets Lake Erie, especially during White (Silver) Bass season.

Chris Kundert


Operations Chair

Chris joined the Learn 2 Fish board in March 2018 as the operations chair and said he hopes to pass on something he loves to do—fishing—to younger generations as they are our future. Chris enjoys being out in nature with friends and family and wants to provide that same opportunity to youth and families who attend Learn 2 Fish workshops. He enjoys any type of stream trout fishing and his favorite place to fish is in the trout streams in Forest County, Wisconsin.