Camp Kimber Y Youth Learn About Fishing During Fish Camp

For the past three weeks Learn 2 Fish With Us and Angler Educator Greg Karch, hosted Fishing Camp during Camp Kimber Y, which was held at the YMCA located in Kimberly Wisconsin.  Over two hundred youth were educated during the three Fish Camps.

Monday, June 13th, Fishing Camp was held for the 4th graders and up.  Fishing Camp consisted of Greg presenting his Fishing Basics seminar which educates youth on skills needed to go fishing which include; fishing safety, fishing combo’s and how to cast with each, fishing presentations, how to tie a Palomar and Clinch knot, fish identification, artificial and live bait, parts of a fish and the AIS Message of Clean Drain Dry.  After the seminar each youth practiced casting and tying knots.  The youth were excited when they learned that they would receive a NPAA Future Pro Shirt.  Little did Greg know that most youth wanted Greg to sign their shirts.

Monday, June 20th, Fishing Camp was held for the second and third graders where Greg presented his Fishing Basics.  After the seminar, youth practiced casting and many of the them were more precise.  Each youth received a NPAA Future Pro shirt and they wanted Greg to sign them!!
Monday June 27th, Fishing Camp was held for kindergarten and first graders.  Greg was nervous as this would be the youngest group he hosted to date and would consist of fifty-seven youth.  Fish Camp went well, as Greg had the help from his coworkers, Julie and Vonda from Thrivent Financial.  Fish Camp was split into three stations.  First station consisted of Julie reading a story to the youth on a fishing.  The next station consisted of the youth fishing for a fish that they would then color to resemble a fresh water fish.  The final station included instructing the youth how to properly put on and wear a life jacket, how to cast and the different live bait Greg uses which included minnows, worms, leeches and artificial bait.  Each youth participated in each of the activities!!!   Each youth received a NPAA Future Pro shirt thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association.