Third Graders At Westside Elementary Learn About The Sport Of Fishing

On Friday March 24th, Learn 2 Fish With Us Certified Angler Educator, Greg Karch hosted a fishing seminar to introduce Westside Elementary third graders to the sport of fishing. Westside Elementary Is located in Kimberly, Wisconsin.  The afternoon started off with the third graders asking Greg questions such as how fast does his boat go, what is the biggest fish he has caught and what was his favorite food?  Greg rattled off answers to all their questions.  Then it was time for Greg to present his Fishing Basics seminar.

Fishing Basics seminar educated the students on all the skills needed to fish such as: safety while fishing, fishing combos, how to cast, fishing presentations, knots, bait, fish identification, parts of a fish, the environment and the Clean Drain Dry message.  Fishing Basics, allows youth to come up and work with Greg to get hands on learning.  When Greg would ask for a volunteer you should have seen how quickly the students hands would go up.  Thanks to the NPAA, each third grader went home with a Future Pro shirt.  Jimmy, asked Greg if he would sign his shirt and soon there was a line for Greg to sign their shirts.  Greg said, “It’s important for us to educate promote the great sport of fishing to future generations!!!”.