Hawley Environmental School Students Learn About Fishing And Then Fish

On May 22nd the fifth graders from Hawley Environmental School were on an outdoor experience at Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center located in Wisconsin Dells.  Learn 2 Fish With Us was asked to provide the education on fishing along with taking them fishing.  The afternoon started out with Captain Greg presenting the Fishing Basics seminar where they learned about all the equipment along with the skills needed to fish.  Once the Fishing Basics seminar was completed, the group was split into four smaller groups so they could go fishing.  Prior to the seminar, Captain Greg checked out the are so they had a safe and hopefully good area to fish.  Due to the high and muddy water from the previous weeks rain, there was only a couple safe areas to fish.  The area Greg choose to fish was a back eddy off the main river.  Captain Greg was amazed at how the youth casted in an tight environment with trees and floating debris on the water.  The kids were excited when they or a classmate caught a fish.  You should have seen all the smiles when a fish was caught or a successful cast.  The fish caught were walleye, smallmouth and sheephead. .  Each youth received a NPAA Future Pro shirt and a Triton Boats or Off Shore Tackle Company hat.  Thanks to our sponsors.