Learn 2 Fish With Us Participates In Discovery World’s Earth Day Along With Warm Weather Arriving

Not sure what the big news of the day was?  Learn 2 Fish With Us participating in Discovery Worlds Earth Day or warm weather finally arriving here in Wisconsin. Over five thousand people attended this event and boy were we busy instructing youth and parents on how to cast with a Shakespeare spin cast and spinning  fishing combo.  We had Lake Shakespeare stocked with fifty Backyard Bass which kept us very busy.  For the young kids we taught them about catch and release as we had them release the Backyard Bass into the lake.   While families were waiting to cast they learn about fishing safety, knots and fish identification through our Pop Banners.   So many parents wanted to learn how to cast which really gives us hope that they will begin to fish.  Most youth received some awesome fishing goods from fishing combos, NPAA Future Pro shirts, Plano Stowaway, Off Shore Tackle line clippers, Tru-Turn hooks and Northland jigs.

Besides casting, we instructed everyone that when going to an area that they try to leave the area cleaner than when they arrived!!  Discovery World in located Milwaukee, Wisconsin.