Third Graders Of Woodland School Learn About Fishing Just In Time For Wisconsin’s Fishing Opener

On Friday May4th, the third graders at Woodland School learned about all the skills and equipment the day before Wisconsin’s Fishing Opener.  Woodland School is located in Kimberly, Wisconsin!!

Captain Greg, hosted two Fishing Basics seminars at Woodland, so they could break up the large group into to smaller groups.  The third graders were excited and eager to participate in the Fishing Basics seminar.  These kids had so many questions and when Captain Greg asked for volunteers almost everyone raised there hand.  Fishing Basics educates the youth on all the skills and equipment needed to fish.  Some of the third graders planned on using the newly learned skills on Fishing Opening Day.  Thanks to the NPAA all the youth went hope with Future Pro shirt and a AIS water bottle.  Captain Greg also gave a Shakespeare fishing combo to a boy and girl in each of the seminars that participated the most during the seminar.

Captain Greg shared news to the students that they would be holding a Fishing Clinic at a Secret Fishing Spot on June 19th.  On the first day we had eight youth sign-up for the Secret Fishing Spot clinic..