An Awesome Afternoon at Woodland Elementary

On Friday March 22nd, Captain Greg visited Woodland Elementary and presented his Fishing Basics seminar to the third graders.  Woodland Elementary is located in Kimberly, Wisconsin.  Due to all the third graders attending the Fishing Basics seminar Greg held two seminars.  The Third graders learn about all the skills and equipment needed to begin.  Captain Greg shared his biggest walleye he has caught as he had it mounted.  He reviewed how old the walleye was, there special eyes, lateral lines, gills and how to properly hold a fish for a picture.  Captain Greg then talked about safety while fishing, spin cast and spinning fishing combos, knots, different fishing presentations, fish identification, live and artifcial bait and the Aquatic Invasive Species message of ‘Clean Drain Dry’.  Greg also talked about the Shakespeare My Fishing Journal which is a fishing educational book that each of the youth received.  Captain Greg talked about recording your fishing trips in the journal such as the date, where fished, what caught, what bait and presentation used.  He said if they could record the water temp that would really help.

Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association each youth received a Future Pro Shirt.