A Healthy Mind Is A Great Thing!! Learn 2 Fish With Us Instructs Youth On Casting So They Can Get Outdoors And Fish

This past weekend Learn 2 Fish With Us attended the Big Event which was held at Shopko Hall in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  This was a fundraiser for Encompass which uses their proceeds from the event to provide the finest quality early education and nurturing care to all children, regardless of their economic circumstances.  Based on this we believe that Learn 2 Fish With Us fits in with their vision by creating a healthy mind, by introducing youth to fishing and the outdoors.

Learn 2 Fish With Us Captain Greg, Board Member Mark Moran and other Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers educated youth that were ten and under to the skills of casting!!  There were so many fish caught the day of the event.  Youth in the booth were taught to point their Shakespeare fishing combo at the fish.  Next look behind them so they don’t hook anyone.  Next, press the button and go to 2 o’clock over their their should.  Next, proceed forward to 10 o’clock and release the button.  The final step was to turn the handle which locks the reel and then start reeling in to hopefully catch a Backyard Bass.

Learn 2 Fish With us educated over eight hundred youth to casting making this one of our top ten events in the last eight years.  The average age of youth entering the booth were between four to six years old, making this the youngest Learn 2 Fish With Us audience for a fishing clinic.  Learn 2 Fish With Us really appreciated the volunteers that helped at the event, as this would not have been possible without them!!  A huge thanks to all our sponsors for helping to provide goodies to the youth.