5 Reasons Why Volunteering with Learn 2 Fish With Us is Fin-tastic!

Learn 2 Fish With Us is always looking for passionate volunteers to help out at our free fishing clinics in the Wisconsin area. Whether you’re a professional angler or only cast a rod once a year, there’s a volunteer position for everyone. We want to reel in your support, so check out our top reasons why you should volunteer with Learn 2 Fish With Us! 

1. You can make a difference in young anglers’ lives.

Remember the excitement of reeling in your first catch? You get to relive that as you help kids learn how to fish. Children absolutely love Learn 2 Fish free fishing workshops. Whether you’re a knot-tying expert, can identify fish with your eyes shut or just love fishing, get your volunteering hat on because kids are waiting for YOU to teach them something new.  

2. Your employer might even pay you to volunteer.

Some employers offer volunteer time off (VTO). What’s better than getting paid while volunteering at Learn 2 Fish events? We can’t think of anything. Check with your human resources department today!  

3. Volunteering is healthy!

Feeling down? Get out and volunteer! People naturally have a need to help others, and studies show that volunteering makes you happy, increases self-confidence, provides a sense of purpose and helps you stay fit. 

4. It helps you find friends who share the same love for fishing.

Volunteering at Learn 2 Fish events is a great way to meet new people who share common interests (like fishing!). From bait junkies to fish-finder snobs to not-so-secret fishing spot guides, there’s a fish-loving friend for everyone in the Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteer community.  

5. Volunteering adds personality and character to your resume.

Want your resume to stand out? Start volunteering! According to Hiration, listing volunteer experience on a resume shows that you care about the community, take action and work well with teams. 

Now that we have reeled you in, sign up to volunteer for an L2F event today! Or, click here for more information. *To volunteer at an upcoming Learn 2 Fish eventsign up and click on the link to get a background check done (that’s it!). After signing up, Captain Greg will reach out to you prior to your event via email to ensure you know where to go and to also make sure you get your free yellow Learn 2 Fish t-shirt at the event!