Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Future Anglers At The Reel Shot Grand Reopening

This past Saturday, May 18th, Certified Angler Educator Greg Karch and NPAA Member #138, hosted a fishing seminar to introduce future anglers to the sport of fishing by hosting a Learn 2 Fish seminar during The Reel Shot grand reopening. The Reel Shot is located in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Greg kicked off his Learn 2 Fish seminar which educates attendee’s to the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing.  Learn 2 Fish seminar taught them: safety while fishing, fishing combos, casting, fishing presentations, knots, live and artificial bait, fish identification, the environment and the Clean Drain Dry message.  So many future anglers wanted to do hands on education with Captain Greg during and after the seminar.  During the seminar the youth and adults asked Captain Greg so many questions on the sport of fishing, which was so cool.  Greg really enjoyed The Reel Shot layout, as they had plenty of room, even enough for casting indoors.
If you haven’t stopped in at The Reel Shot, they have everything for fishing and hunting along with a very helpful staff!!  There live bait is top notch!!

Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association each youth went home with a spinning or spin cast fishing combo.