BA BA BIG BASS At Wounded Warrior Learn 2 Fish With Us Fishing Clinic

Captain Greg and volunteers of Learn 2 Fish With Us shared their passion for fishing with Green Bay Wounded Warriors and Cub Scouts.  The morning of May 15th started out with the families learning the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing through Captain Greg’s Fishing Basics seminar, which was held at DeGrand’s in Denmark, Wisconsin.  Fishing Basics teaches; safety while fishing, spin cast and spinning fishing combos, how to cast, different fishing presentations, fish identification, knots, live and artificial bait, aquatic invasive species, keeping a fishing log and so much more.  After the Fishing Basics seminar, families traveled to a pond located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Fishing started out slow, but all of a sudden we heard a drag squealing and the fight was on for Elizabeth and her Shakespeare fishing combo. 

After a long battle the fish was cradled by Captain Greg.  Elizabeth said ‘this was her first fish ever and that it is huge!! I will never forget this day’.  Besides Elizabeth, many memories were made as ten other youth caught their first fish!!  Bluegills and Bass made up the catches.  What Captain Greg liked about the pond they fished, was that only youth sixteen under could fish it.  The restrictions for the pond also allowed selective harvest for the youth where they could keep one bass and seven bluegills, this so helps protects the resource for the youth!!

Each youth was excited as they received a fishing combo and NPAA Future Pro shirt thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association.