The Fishing Clinic May Have Started Out Raining But By The End It Was All Smiles!!

Saturday, July 24th may have started out raining, but that was alright as the youth learned the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing in a sheltered area.  Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers and National Professional Anglers Association members, Captain Greg Karch #138 and Karen Karch #121 held a fishing clinic for the youth and adults of Faith Christian and Victory churches.  These churches are located in the cities of New London and Waupaca which is located in Wisconsin.  During the ‘Fishing Basics’ seminar, they learned; safety while fishing, spin cast and spinning fishing combos, casting, different fishing presentations, knots, fish identification, live and artificial bait and aquatic invasive species and so much more.

When the seminar was over the rain had stopped and it was time to go fishing!!  Bluegills, perch and bass were caught by the youth.  You should have seen all the smiles!!  Memories were made.

Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association and Future Angler Foundation for providing fishing combos and Future Pro shirts.   The Reel Shot provided bait for this fishing clinic along with all our other fishing clinics.