Special Day For Wounded Warrior Families As They Learned 2 Fish!!

Captain Greg, volunteers of Learn 2 Fish With Us, VFW and scout leaders shared their passion for fishing with Wounded Warriors and Cub Scout families of Green Bay area.  The morning of May 22nd started out with the families getting a catered breakfast which included everything you could possibly want for breakfast!!  After breakfast, the families attended Captain Greg’s Fishing Basics seminar which taught the families; safety while fishing, spin cast and spinning fishing combos, how to cast, different fishing presentations, fish identification, knots, live and artificial bait, aquatic invasive species, keeping a fishing log and so much more.  After the Fishing Basics seminar, families traveled to a pond located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Fishing started out slow, but it did not take long for youth to say “Fish On!!”.   Many memories were made as eight youth caught their first fish!!  Bluegills, Bass and Trout made up the catches.  The pond had special regulations, where you must be under eighteen to fish.  The restrictions for the pond also allowed selective harvest for the youth, where they could keep one bass and seven bluegills, this so helps protect the resource for the youth!!

Each youth was excited as they received a fishing combo and NPAA Future Pro shirt and fishing educational book thanks to the Future Angler Foundation and Learn 2 Fish With Us.