Making A Difference!!

Making a Difference!! This picture to me is priceless!! I so enjoy when parents or grandparents share the impact we made to youth that attended a Learn 2 Fish With Us fishing clinic!!
The picture to the side is me teaching Evelyn how to tie a Clinch Knot.
Diane Fuhrman:
My Granddaughter, Evelyn, came home sooo excited from the seminar you did at Tigerton Elementary. She was in the kindergarten class. She came home and demonstrated how to cast (2 to 10) and tie the knot you showed her. She was wearing her shirt and we read the book. Fantastic Job! Thanks for some positivity in this crazy world
Other feed back was:
Thank you for coming Greg! The kids were talking about it all afternoon!
Thank you! My two kids came home to tell me all about the “professional fisherman” they had as a speaker today.
I have a kindergartner and second grader that went yesterday and they had such a good time! Thank you so much!