Winneconne Third Graders Enjoy Fishing Day!!

On May 3rd, the Winneconne Elementary third graders enjoyed Fishing Day which was hosted by Learn 2 Fish With Us, Future Angler Foundation and the Winneconne High School Fishing Team. 

The day started out with the six third grader classes being split into two groups where each of the groups attended a Fishing Basics seminar which taught the students the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing.  This was hosted by Learn 2 Fish With Us and NPAA member Captain Greg.  Once the seminar was completed, it was time for the youth to attend fishing educational stations and were they excited!! 

Fishing educational stations included; casting safely and accurately, how to tie a Clinch and Palomar knot and fish identification which was hosted by the Winneconne High School Fishing team and Captain Greg.  All you saw where smiles as the students completed a knot or caught a Backyard Bass.  When students were asked ‘What was their favorite station?’.  Students basically were split between all the stations!!


Next, Captain Greg asked if they were ready to go fishing in the afternoon and they all yelled ‘YES’!!!!!  The first group of third graders were bused to Marble Park which was located about a mile away from the school.  They then fished for about an hour and fifteen minutes.  Due to the previous days wind and cold made fishing tough.  Perch, bluegill and crappie were caught by a few of the students.  The High School Fishing Team was excited as students asked them to sign their NPAA Future Pro shirt while they were fishing.   The students were sad when the teachers said it was time to go back to school.  Just as quick we had the next group of third graders ready to go fishing!!


Captain Greg was impressed at how many parents and grandparents attended the event as chaperons along with the High School Fishing Team.  This was Greg’s most volunteers during his fishing events!!  Once again it was another safe and fun event!!!