Learn 2 Fish With Us Hosted Ohio Bike And Fish Program

Learn 2 Fish With Us, Board Member, Mark Moran, hosted a Ohio Bike and Fish program over the summer. Youth from St John’s School and the Marysville, Ohio community attended the program.  Youth biked around the area they were fishing, which sometimes would be up to five miles.  Youth would gather where they would learn fishing skills and different fishing presentations for the area, they were fishing.  Finally, youth went fishing for a couple hours testing out the newly learned skills and presentations.  Many different fish were caught!! 

The following sessions were held the last two months. The first session was h eld at the Delaware State Park, second session was held at the Marysville Reservoir, third session was held at Sciota River and the final session was held Alum Creek State Park near Mount Gilead.

Each youth participating in the Bike And Fish Program received a fishing combo, NPAA Future Pro shirt and fishing educational book.