Thank You Cards from Westside Elementary

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On Monday I found cards posted throughout my office!!! The previous week I held a fishing clinic at Westside Elementary and the third graders wanted to thank me!! My coworkers posted them all over!! Each day I read one and yesterday’s card was very special!! With all this interest I will plan on bringing an after school fishing club to Westside Elementary. Thanks Westside Elementary!!!

Fishing Clinic with Fox Valley 4H Group

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This past Monday Greg hosted his ‘Fishing Basics’ seminar with the Fox Valley 4H group.  The event was held at the Fox Valley Technical college.  The 4H youth said they had kearned a lot and that they planned on fishing within the next couple of weeks.

The Triton 216 Fishunter with 300 Verado Pro is Home!!

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Picked up the Tirton 216 Fishunter with Mercury motors yesterday from The Boat Doc!!  Thanks Josh and The Boat Doc crew, everything looks good!!!  Heading out with Tim Euting to start the break and try to catch some fish.

Educating Neenah Cub Scouts on Fishing

Yesterday Tim Euting, Bill Van Ornum, Patti Parcell and myself educated Pack 3045/3074’s on fishing!!  Besides the Cub Scouts, Fox 11 news attended.  Tim taught the scouts on fishing combos, casting and setting the hook.  Bill taught the scouts on live and artifical bait, how to hook the bait, crank baits and how to tie a palomar and clinch know.  I taught the scouts about; parts of a fish, fish identification, safety, AIS Message and the different types of fishing presenations.  The Cub Scouts should be well on there way to getting thier fishing belt loop or fishing pin.  Thanks to the sponsors as most scouts went home with a fishing item.  Patti was instrumental in making this a huge success.

Westside Elementary Fishing Education

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Yesterday afternoon, Greg presented his ‘Fishing Basics’ seminar to the third graders at Westside Elementary in Kimberly.   I big thanks goes to Greg’s coworkers Jim and Ryan for helping out.  Yesterday Greg started tailoring the fishing clinic to the Shakespeare’s  ‘My Fishing Journal’.    The kids really enjoyed the book!!  On Thursday the kids read an article that was published in the Badger Sportsman that talked about Greg’s fishing and teaching of fishing.  Greg said he had a lot of fun with the third graders and hopes to make this an annual event.  He has also expressed starting a after school fishing club at Westside.  Thanks Westside Elementary

Look who’s on the NWT Tournament Email


Were in the brochure for Cabela’s NWT!!

Triton 216 Fishunter is Here!!


The Triton 216 Fishunter has arrived and is in the Fond du Lac Recreation show.  Check out The Boat Doc booth to see the new boat and all the features.

Greg Karch is now a Cetified Angler Instructor

This weekend I attended the Lord Baden Powell Univeristy to get certifed as a CAI (Certfied Angler Instructor).  I passed the exam which had questions about eveything from fishing, fly fishing and the environment.  This weekend I learned a lot about fly fishing and tied a couple flies!!  I will now be able to instruct and certify scouts pursuing the fishing or fly fishing merit badge.  What a great weekend, I learned many new fishing related items so I can teach the youth and adults.  Let’s go fishing!!!!!

Do Your Part For The Next Generation

Here is a link to an article Greg was in.


Madison Fishing Expo 2013

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This past weekend I was at the Madison Fishing Expo where I presented my ‘Fishing Basic’ seminar four times during the show.   We educated around 250 youths and just as many adults and parents.  Thanks for all the compliments from the seminar attendee’s and the Madison Fishing Expo Board.  Thanks to the NPAA and Future Angler Foundation for the donation of shirts and fishing combos, Shakespeare for fishing combos and Madison Fishing Expo for the Go Fishing Books.