Oct 11

Pulaski Cub Scouts Learn About Fishing

On Monday, October 8th, Learn 2 Fish With Us traveled to Pulaski, Wisconsin, where Captain Greg presented his Fishing Basics seminar to the Cub Scouts.  Besides Cub Scouts, sibling also attended which brought the youth count for this event to just over ninety.  That is an awesome turnout!!

During the Fishing Basics seminar Captain Greg covered safety while fishing, parts of fish, how to us a spin cast and spinning fishing combo, how to cast, how to tie a Clinch and Palomar knot, different fishing presentations, live and artificial bait, fish identification and the Aquatic Invasive Species message of ‘Clean Drain Dry’ .  We also reviewed catch and release and when fishing try to leave the area you are fishing cleaner than when you arrived.

The youth were so excited when they learned that would get a educational book, Shakespeare’s, My Fishing Journal along with a fishing related prize.  The prizes consisted of spin cast and spinning fishing combos, NPAA Future Pro shirts and Plano tackle boxes with tackle.

Sep 13

Youth Learn To Fish At Snooze In The Zoo

On Saturday, September 8th, Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers educated and took families fishing during the Snooze In The Zoo event.  The event was held at the Menominee Park Zoo which is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Families attending this event were able to camp in the Menominee Park Zoo.

One of the events during Snooze In The Zoo, was for families to experience fishing which was hosted by us, Learn 2 Fish With Us.  The afternoon started out by Captain Greg educating the families on the fishing equipment and skills needed to begin fishing.  The campers learned safety while fishing, fishing combos, different fishing presentations, fish identification and the AIS message of ‘Clean Drain Dry’.   After the seminar the campers then yet fishing with the help from the Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers where many fish were caught in the Zoo’s pond!!

Each youth went home with a Shakespeare fishing combo, NPAA Future Pro shirt and Shakespeare My Fishing Journal.  The to The Reel Shot (TRS) for supplying the bait for the event.  Thanks to Learn 2 Fish With Us sponsors not only are we able to educate future anglers but also provide equipment for them to continue to fish.

Aug 04

Bago Walleye Club Kids Fishing Day a Success!!

On Saturday, July 28th, Learn 2 Fish With Us helped at the Bago Walleye Club Kids Fishing Day at Breezy Woods Campground in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.   Each youth was given a fishing combo, Tru-Turn hooks and a National Professional Anglers Association and the bait needed to fish.  The youth were given bait and with the help of the Bago Walleye Club and Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers the youth learned to fish and many of the youth caught fishing from Bluegills to Largemouth Bass!!  After fishing the families were served lunch with consisted of hot dogs, burgers, chip abd water and soda.  After lunch each youth was give a Root Beer float thanks to A&W of Fond du Lac!!

After the fishing clinic many of the youth were seen fishing!!  The weather was perfect along with the fishing.  What more can you ask for!!


Aug 04

Future Anglers Learn How To Fish At PBS Get Up And Go Day

On Saturday, August 4th, Learn 2 Fish With Us and it’s volunteers where at PBS Get Up And Go Day at the Timber Rattlers Stadium in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Learn 2 Fish With Us had a Fishing educational booth at the event.  The primary focus of the booth was to teach the youth how to cast.  While waiting in line to cast, they learned about safety while fishing and fish identification.  When they were ready to cast they learned how to cast and cast accurately!!!  Hundreds of kids attended the booth caught a Backyard Bass.  Once they completed casting, they were given a NPAA Future Pro shirt and a Shakespeare My Fishing Journal.  Thanks to all the Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers for enduring the heat.


Jul 22

Riverside Park, Mauston Wisconsin Fishing Clinic

On Saturday, July 21st it may have started out gloomy but by 9 AM, the start of the Fishing Clinic is had started to clear and by 10 AM the sun was out.  Muskie Matters Inc. and Learn 2 Fish With Us partnered up to hold the Fishing Clinic at Riverside Park in Mauston, Wisconsin.

The Fishing Clinic started out by Captain Greg reviewing skills and equipment needed to fish.  Greg reviewed Shakespeare Spin Cast and Spinning combos and how to use both of them, different fishing presentations and the AIS message of Clean Drain Dry.

Muskie Matters Inc. Club members the manned the five educational stations that each of the youth attended for ten minutes of education.   The stations were Knot Tying where the youth tied a Clinch and Palomar knot.  The next station was casting were they learn how to properly cast.  Another station was Safety while fishing where they learn how to be safe and about the safety equipment.  Fish Identification was another station where the youth learned how to identify the different fish along with the best bait to catch them.  The final station was bait where they learned about the different bait along with seeing it along with the different artificial baits we use.  They were in shock when Adam showed the youth the Muskie baits!!!

After the seminar it was time for the youth to go fishing.  They caught bluegills and perch but fishing was slow.  Thanks to the sponsors and Muskie Matters Inc.  the kids were provided lunch!!

Each youth went home with the fishing combo, NPAA Future pro shirt and a goodie back thanks to the sponsors and National Professional Anglers Association.


Jun 21

What?? “Best Fishing Day Ever!!!”

“Best Fishing Day Ever!!!”, this is what we heard from the youth and parents that attended the Secret Fishing Spot fishing clinic, which was held by Learn 2 Fish With Us, Badger Sportsman and Shakespeare Fishing. Thanks to a local farmer who allowed our group to fish a pond that had plenty of fish!! Captain Greg from Learn 2 Fish With Us and NPAA organized this special event, allowing youth who attended a Learn 2 Fish With Us clinic in 2018, to attend.

The day started out with the youth meeting their fishing lead that would help them all evening long as they fished, along with receiving a Shakespeare spin cast or spinning fishing combo. Youth, parents and the fishing lead then took a short walk to the pond where they were instructed on safety and setting the hook. Captain Greg’s first two youth of his group casted, and as quick as the bobber hit the water, it was under, and the kids were yelling “FISH ON!!”. Besides catching fish the youth and parents learned how to adjust a boober to fish different depths, place a worm on the hook, set the hook, take a fish of the hook, hold a fish for a picture, keep moving when not catching fish, how to identify the fish they caught, how to release a fish and more. Youth caught largemouth bass, pumpkinseed, perch and these fish gave them a great fight. Looking around the pond, all you saw was rods bending, smiles, and parents taking pictures of their sons or daughters catch!!
Thanks to the Badger Sportsman magazine for providing dinner, which included: hot dogs, chips, watermelon, chocolate chip cookies and drinks. Youth were really hungry from catching all the fish. After dinner the youth learned that thy would be keeping the Shakespeare Fishing combo that they were fishing with. They were excited!!!

Thanks to all the volunteers from Learn 2 Fish With Us and the Badger Sportsman!!

Jun 16

Sharing Our Passion For Fishing With Foster Kids/Parents

On Friday, June 15th we held a Fishing Clinic for Foster Kids and Parents.  Learn 2 Fish With Us partnered with Sara and Cindy from the Winnebago County and Lisa from the Downtown Oshkosh YMCA where the fishing clinic was held.   This event started out with Captain Greg presenting his Fishing Basics seminar that educated the youth and parents on; safety while fishing, different fishing combo’s and fishing presentations.  After the mini Fishing Basics seminar, it was time for the youth to attend the five hands-on fishing educational stations.  The youth were split up into five groups that attended each station which consisted of Aquatic Invasive Species, fish Identification, knot tying, live/artificial bait and of course casting.  So many Backyard Bass were caught at the casting station.

Once the youth rotated through all five fishing educational stations, they found out they would receive a fishing combo, Plano Stowaway with tackle and National Professional Anglers Association Future Pro shirt.  Everything needed to take their skills they just learned and utilize the fishing equipment to get out fishing!!

Five youth attended this fishing clinic will attended the Secret Fishing Spot where they will go fishing with an experienced fisherman so that they can catch a fish.

Thanks to our sponsors for donating the fishing goods.  This event could not be held without all the great volunteers from Winnebago County along with Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers; Karen Karch, Nick Schmal, Mike Anderson, Tony Rieth and Sharon Miller.


Jun 10

27th Annual Kids Fishing Day Is A Huge Success!!

On Saturday, June 9th Learn 2 Fish With Us, Karen and I traveled up to Manistique, Michigan and the Hiawatha National Forest to be part of the Camp 7 27th Kids Fishing Day.  We have been a part of this event for the last three years.  The first year we attended the event, the organizers enjoyed us bringing in additional fishing education to the event.  This year we brought the Learn 2 Fish With Us Pop-Up Banners that review safety while fishing, how to tie knots along with fish identification.  We had a station were we taught the youth on how to cast along with tying knots.  Other stations at the event were  trout pond where kids could catch trout, Aquatic Invasive Species, casting contest, fly casting and more!!  Learn 2 Fish With Us appreciated the volunteers that were provided to us by the U.S. Forest Service and the local fishing club.

Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association for providing fishing combos and a couple hundred NPAA Future Pro shirts.  Many of the youth asked Captain Greg to sign their shirts.


Jun 07

Oshkosh Leadership Academy Students Go Fishing

On June 5th and June 6th Learn 2 Fish With Us attended Oshkosh Leadership Academy where fourth and fifth graders from the Oshkosh School District attended.  Over one hundred fifty students attended each day where they were divided into four groups. The fishing station was one of four stations that the students attended,  At the Fishing Station, Captain Greg taught the students on the skills and equipment needed to fish.  After the seminar, youth then went fishing where they caught perch, crappie, bluegill and bullhead.  Thanks to The Reel Shot for providing bait for the two days of fishing.  Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association, each youth went home with a NPAA Future Pro shirt.  These youth will have the opportunity to fish at the Secret Fishing Spot on June 19th.


Jun 06

Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Crossway Camping Ministries Staff

Learn 2 Fish With Us trained the Crossway Camping Ministries staff on the skills and equipment needed to fish.  This will be the first year that the camp will offer fishing as a camp activity, which is so awesome.  Captain Greg educated the staff on the fishing equipment that they purchased so they knew how to use it along with maintain it, besides educating them all the skills needed to fish, regulations on fishing and the AIS message.  After the seminar the Crossway Camping Ministries Staff practiced all the skills along with rigging up the fishing combos that the campers would use.

Captain Greg was so excited to learn that Crossway Camping Ministries wanted him to train their staff along with being excited that fishing was being offered as a camp activity.  Learn 2 Fish With Us provided tackle to rig up their fishing combo’s along with a couple tackle boxes with tackle.  Learn 2 Fish With Us also provided some Shakespeare My Fishing Journals!!  Now campers let’s go FISHING!!!


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