Woodland Elementary Learns About The Fishing Basics

This past Friday, Learn 2 Fish With Us educated the third graders at Woodland Elementary which is located in Kimberly, Wisconsin.  The 3rd graders were excited to learn about the Fishing Basics and had plenty of questions during the fishing clinic.  The 3rd graders were also excited as many of them got to work with the Learn 2 Fish With Us Angler Educators on the fishing skills.  Angler Educator Greg Karch let the kids know that they would receive a nice prize if they passed a fishing exam.  At the end of the fishing clinic the kids asked about the exam.  Greg said that he was just kidding and that every youth would get a Fishing Pro Shirt just like his.  They were excited and many youth asked Greg to sign their shirts.  Greg had writers cramp once he was done signing shirts.