Hawley Environmental School learns about fishing and the environment

This past Friday, Learn 2 Fish With Us educated the fifth graders at Hawley Environmental School which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The kids were excited to learn about fishing as they were going on a camping trip the following week and were going to fish.  The kids were taught all the fishing basics from safety, fishing combo’s, fishing presentations, casting, fish identification, parts of a fish, bait, knots, Clean Drain Dry message, catch and release and many things on the environment.  After the Fishing Basics seminar the school was notified that they would be receive fifty fishing combos.  Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers worked with the kids to rig the fishing combos so they could fish with them at camp.  Greg then worked with the kids to practice casting with the fishing combo’s.  The fifth graders are all excited to go fishing now that they know more about fishing.