Neenah Cub Scouts Learn The Skills Needed For Their Fishing Belt Loop

On Tuesday, April 12th, Cub Scouts in Neenah learned all about the fishing skills needed to obtain the fishing belt loop. Greg, from Learn 2 Fish With Us educated the cub scouts on fishing skills through his Fish Basics seminar.  After the Fishing Basics seminar, the Cub Scouts practiced the skills of casting and knot tying.  Now that the Cub Scouts know the skills or can reference them in Shakespeare’s ‘My Fishing Journal’ all that is remaining to obtain the Fishing belt loop is go fishing and do some of the skills.

When they were ready to leave, Greg, let them know that they were getting NPAA Future Pro shirt.  The NPAA Future Pro shirt looks like Greg’s professional fishing jersey with all the NPAA  sponsor logos.  Thanks NPAA for the shirts!!!