FISH ON!!! Future Anglers Learn And Experience Fishing At Peninsula State Park

At the end of Learn 2 Fish With Us, Peninsula State Parks Fishing Clinic, all you heard was FISH ON!!!   Learn 2 Fish With Us, Certified Angler Educator Greg Karch and his wife Karen Karch hosted a fishing clinic at Peninsula State Park which is located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin on Sunday July 24th.  The day started out with Greg presenting his Fishing Basics seminar which educates youth and adults on all the skills needed to go fishing.  These skills include: safety while fishing, fishing combos and how to use them, casting, fishing presentations, how to tie a knot, fish identification, live and artificial bait and the AIS message of Clean Drain Dry.  Greg had brought a box and asked the youth what was in the box?  The youth said tackle, a fish?  Greg opened up the box and pulled out a thirty-three inch walleye.  All the kids gasped!!!  Greg, had caught this walleye two years ago just out from the park.  He reviewed with them how old the fish was and how many times it was most likely caught and released so it could grow to be this big.  After the seminar, Greg and Karen worked with youth on casting as it is a very important skill when fishing.  When the youth had a good cast d have a good cast, they would catch a Backyard Bass.  You should have seen all the smiles as they reeled in a Backyard Bass.

After casting it was time for families to go fishing.  Learn 2 Fish With Us brought fishing equipment and bait so the attendees could fish.  Youth and adults caught perch, rock bass, smallmouth bass and gobies.   Fifty-two of the invasive goby were caught and disposed of!!  So, not only did we catch fish we helped out the environment!!  Once fishing was completed, it was time to share with the kids that each of them was going home with a fishing related item.  The items include Shakespeare spinning and spin cast fishing combos, Plano tackle boxes, Triton Boats / Mercury / Off Shore hats, Mercury water bottles, NPAA Future Pro shirts and more.  They were excited!!!