Nearly Two Thousand Youth Introduced To The Sport Of Fishing At Farm Technology Days

Learn 2 Fish With Us had a Fishing Educational booth at Farm Technology Days which was held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Farm Technology Days ran Tuesday July19th through Thursday July 21st.  Learn 2 Fish With Us provided a fishing experience to youth of all ages entering the 4H Youth Area of Farm Technology Days.  The fishing experience consisted of Lake Shakespeare which is a thirty by forty foot blue tarp which was stocked with thirty-five Backyard Bass, Fish Identification posters, knot tying, live bait and the Clean Drain Dry message.  Lake Shakespeare was a huge success as youth learned how to cast through hands on instruction and when they had a good cast, they would catch a Backyard Bass!!!  So many youth were casting for the very first time and caught their very first fish!!!  Greg and Karen instructed the youth to point their fishing combo to where they wanted to cast.  Next, look behind them making sure no one was behind them.  Then, press the button or open the bail and proceed with the rod slowly over there should to ten o’clock, from there they would come forward over their shoulder and once the rod tip reaches two o’clock, proceed to release the button or release the line.  Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were all impressed on how well the kids would cast after the instruction.  Besides educating many anglers on how to cast for the first time, Greg helped experienced anglers become more accurate while casting with a few tips!!!  ‘Casting plays such a big part of fishing, so you really need to hone in on this skill!!’, Greg said.  Besides casting, future anglers also learned more on fishing by tying knots, checking out the bait and the fish identification posters!!!  Another big hit was Learn 2 Fish With Us truck wrap which has a large walleye on it.  Many youth and families took pictures of them and the truck.

Learn 2 Fish With Us has attended Farm Technology Days for the past six years and has become one the favorite attractions in the 4H Youth Area.  Greg remembers when they barely had enough room to cast and now they provide as much room as we need along with many 4H and Farm Technology Day volunteers.  We would not be able work with this amount of kids without the volunteers!!!  Next year, Farm Technology Days will be held in Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

Is your group looking for a fishing clinic in 2017, send an email to Greg at and he will get in contact with you.