Third Graders At Woodland Elementary Let Captain Greg Know ‘Your Not Boring’!!

On Friday April 28th the third graders at Woodland Elementary let Captain Greg know that he was NOT BORING when presenting his Fishing Basics seminars..  The third graders were split into two groups, so many of them could participate in the hands on learns during the seminar.  Greg said the third graders were so engaged in learning about fishing and asked so many questions to make sure they were understanding what he was teaching them on fishing.  Besides learning about the skills needed to fish they learned about the equipment used during fishing.  When Greg reviewed the AIS message of ;Clean Drain Dry’ they expressed that they had talked about it in Science class.  Greg was impressed!!

As the seminar was coming to a close the third graders had thought they would have to take a fishing test and pass it to receive a NPAA Future Pro short which looked very close to Greg’s Pro shirt.  But, Greg said they had run out of time and there would be no test.  The kids were excited!!!  Thanks to the NPAA for the donation of Future Pro shirts.  We would also like to thank all are other sponsors as this would not be possible without them..  Jimmy, asked Greg if he would sign his shirt and soon there was a line for Greg to sign their shirts.  Greg said, “It’s important for us to educate promote the great sport of fishing to future generations!!!”.