Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Youth At Kiwanis Kids Fishing Day

On Saturday, April 22nd, Learn 2 Fish With Us and their volunteers attended the Kiwanis Kids Fishing Day which was held at Regner Park in West Bend, WI.   Learn 2 Fish With Us educated the public on the skills needed to fish through Fishing Basics seminars, which took place ever hour in the pavilion.  Backyard Bass was setup so the Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers could teach families on how to cast and cast accurately.  Four hundred and fifty-seven youth attended the event and nearly two hundred adults.  This event was such a family event from the five hundred trout that were stocked in the Regner Park pond, to the lunch that was served, which included hot dogs, pretzels and juice.  At any time, throughout the day, families could fish, attend a Fishing Basics seminar, catch a Backyard Bass, tie their own fly thanks to Trout Unlimited or check out kayaks thanks to Doug.

Great job West Bend Kiwanis and thanks for inviting us to be part of your event!!!.