Learn 2 Fish With Us Travels to Manistique Michigan for Kids Fishing Day

Learn 2 Fish With Us traveled over four hundred miles to be a part of Kids Fishing Day.  This was the twenty-sixth annual event which was held in Manistique, Michigan on June 10th.  Kids Fishing Day is hosted during Michigan’s free fishing weekend.  Last year, Learn 2 Fish With Us attended the event and the group that organizes the event was excited that we were back for the 2017 event.

This year we brought more fishing educational components, so the youth would have more hands on learning such as fish identification, casting, setting the hook, safety and tying knots.  Over 350 youth attended this event.  A huge thanks to all the Us Forestry volunteers that helped in our booth!!!  The National Professional Anglers Association sent me Future Pro shirts to give to the kids.  Many of the kids asked if Captain Greg would sign their shirts.  Greg had writer’s cramp once all the shirts were signed.  This was Learn 2 Fish With Us largest event in 2017 as they have now worked with over two thousand youth in 2017.