Titan Kids Fishing Day Is A Success!!

UW Oshkosh Titans Fishing Team and Learn 2 Fish With Us hosted a Fishing Clinic at Menominee Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The event was held on Saturday June 24th and kicked-off at 10 AM.  What was special about this Fishing Clinic, was, there were many UW Oshkosh Fishing Team members, which allowed educational stations to be used to educate.  The youth were split into six groups that attended each station for fifteen minutes and got hand on training.  The six educational stations were; safety, fish identification, casting, Aquatic Invasive Species, fishing presentations and bait along with learn about the fishing combo they would be receiving.

After the youth attended all the educational stations they were given a fishing combo and a Future Pro shirt and went fishing where bluegills and Sheephead were caught.   They fished for almost an hour and a half and were all very patient!!!

Once the Fishing Clinic ended the UW Oshkosh Fishing Team and Learn 2 Fish With Us volunteers had a Backyard Bass casting championship where Captain Greg won it.