Ice Fishing Holiday Gift Ideas for All Skill Levels

Give a man (or woman or child) a fish. Feed ‘em for a day. Teach someone how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. Provide the best fishing Christmas gifts for all those on your list, and your loved ones will be set up for a wonderful ice fishing season. Recommended by Learn 2 Fish With Us President and Executive Director Greg Karch, these top five best ice fishing gift ideas will support your loved ones unwavering dedication to the sport and encourage those who are just getting started.  

Ice Fishing Boot
There’s nothing worse than having wet feet for a full fishing day, especially in the frigidly dangerous winter temperatures. Give the gift of warm dry feet this year and your friends and family will thank you. President and Executive Director, Greg Karch highly recommends the Clams Sub-Zero X ice fishing boot.

“This past year I started using Clams Sub-Zero X ice fishing boot and found it warm and easy to get off besides being all rubber. Make sure to also have good ice cleats to not slip and hurt yourself,” said Greg.

Ice Fishing Suit

As the colder months continue—and we all wish for spring—you’re going to want to secure a good quality warm ice fishing suit for all those on your list who are planning on facing the frosty weather. Remind them to dress warmly and wear a life jacket outside of their clothing to stay safe. 

Curved Blade Augers

This practical gift is an essential tool for any angler who wants to slice through the ice efficiently and quickly. Captain Greg suggests getting curved blades so that they will cut through old holes as well as creating new ones. Another safety tip for ice fishers, be aware of ice thickness when choosing a spot. New clear ice should be about 4-inches thick.

Underwater camera

Give the gift of capturing action-packed footage with an underwater camera. The fishermen and fisherwomen of your life will be able to gain better insights with their fishing by being able to see fish up close and personal.

Fishing Flasher

Hugely popular with ice anglers is a sonar unit that shows objects in the water column. The biggest advantage to having a flasher when ice fishing is allowing you to see beneath the ice and know how deep you’re fishing. They will also give insights on what kinds of fish are present.

Take the guessing out of your 2019 ice fishing gift list with Greg’s top ice fishing selections. If you have any questions on ice fishing and/or ice fishing supplies don’t hesitate to email: