Menasha High School Fishing Team Learn Tips & Tricks From Captain Greg

On Tuesday, December 10th, Learn 2 Fish With Us Angler Educator Captain Greg Karch worked with the Menasha High School Fishing Team to educate them on the equipment and skills needed to ice fish in the WIFA Ice Fishing circuit for High School Fishing Teams.  Captain Greg reviewed safety while ice fishing which include warm clothing, warm boots, ice cleats and carrying rope should someone fall in.  Next they reviewed the different ice fishing combos and Captain Greg discussed that he prefers straight line reels so the line has no twist allowing me to see lite bites.  In Wisconsin, we can ice fish with three lines so he reviewed the use of tip-ups and tip-downs to compliment their fishing.  Captain Greg, opened his tackle box to show Northland’s and Rapala’s jigs and spoons he uses along with colors he likes to use.  Next Greg reviewed using flashers and cameras while ice fishing and when he uses each of them.  Captain Greg reviewed how he uses maps to do research on a lake that he has never fished along with reviewing the depths.  Greg’s fishing logs included where, when, what he was using and fish caught.  Captain Greg reviewed the different artificial and live bait he uses and tips when using them.  Most students attempted to put a medium fathead on a hook and make sure it would swim around.  Greg explained that if the minnow is not lively when on the hook it most likely will not be bite by a fish.
The Menasha High School Fishing Team asked many different questions through out the seminar to better understand why he uses the equipment he does along with the techniques.
At the end of the seminar, the students learned their team would receive Berkley Tip-ups, Abu Garcia and Shakespeare Ice Fishing Combos, Garmin and Triton Boat hat thanks to Learn 2 Fish With Us and Captain Greg’s sponsors!!!