Youth Go Youth Learn to Ice Fish

On Friday, January 17th, Learn 2 Fish With Us Angler Educator Greg Karch held an Ice Fishing Clinic for the youth from Youth Go.   Attendees of the Ice Fishing Clinic learned about the skills and equipment needed to begin ice fishing.  Captain Greg started out by instructing them on safety as safety need to be the number one priority when ice fishing.  He covered wearing warm clothing, what is safe ice, wearing a life jacket outside clothing and the safety equipment he uses such as: ice picks, rope, ice cleats and so much more.  Next, youth learned about ice fishing equipment which included different ice fishing combos and when to use them along with reviewing tip-ups and tip-downs.  Greg reviewed vertical and horizontal jigs and when it is best to use each.  Greg brought his tackle box which includes everything he uses when ice fishing which included; jigs, plastics, spoons, jigging rapala’s and showed them how to use each of them.  Youth learned about the different baits used while ice fishing along with how to hook the bait.   Greg brought in spikes, wax worms and different minnows which included rosie reds, shiners and fat heads of different sizes.  Youth then tested their skills by placing a minnow on a hook and making sure it would be alive and swimming.  Captain Greg reviewed what he does on a typical day of ice fishing.  Youth then viewed videos that showed them how a flasher works, how to work the water column and of course how fun it is when fish are biting.  Youth learned and tied a Palomar and Clinch knot.  The fishing clinic ended with the youth learning how to identify fish, Aquatic Invasive Species and leave to trace which means to clean up the area you are fishing.  Each youth went home with a NPAA Future Pro shirt and a Shakespeare ice fishing combo along with Northland Tackle ice fishing jigs.  The youth enjoy the afternoon learning how to ice fish and look forward to having the opportunity to get on the ice!!