Learn 2 Fish With Us Host Three Fishing Clinics At The Wisconsin Fishing Expo

Captain Greg, Learn 2 Fish With Us, National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) and the Wisconsin Fishing Expo have partnered for the last ten years to bring youth and fishing education to the Wisconsin Fishing Expo!!  Thanks to Learn 2 Fish With Us and NPAA members Karen Karch #121 and Greg Karch #138 for hosting three seminars this past weekend to educate youth and adults to the great sport of fishing.  The first Fishing Basics seminar was Captain Greg’s and Learn 2 Fish With Us, three hundredth fishing clinic since their inception in 2009. 

Captain Greg introduced his new seminar Advanced Fishing during the Wisconsin Fishing Expo.  Advanced Fishing seminar was created so youth that attended previous  Fishing Basics seminars had another seminar to build their tool box with more advanced equipment and fishing skills education. 

Greg and Karen hosted two ‘Fishing Basics’ seminars during the show which educated youth, families and adults to all the skills and equipment need to begin fishing.  ‘Fishing Basics’ educates attendees on; safety while fishing, spin cast and spinning fishing combos, casting safely and accurately, basic fishing presentations, knots, fish identification, parts of a fish, live and artificial bait and aquatic invasive species and so much more.  ‘Advanced Fishing Basics’ seminar is built upon the ‘Fishing Basic’ skills and equipment and educates attendees on: bait caster and line counter reels, jigs and plastics, crankbaits, crawler harnesses, jigging and trolling presentations, how a graph works, maps, filleting a fish and cooking fish.

Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association and Learn 2 Fish With Us youth attending the seminars received one of the following; Shakespeare fishing combo, mini tackle box with tackle or a NPAA Future Pro Shirt.