Learn 2 Fish With Us educates girls and woman to the science of fishing during Discovery Worlds Girls & STEM event!!!

You asking what is STEM??  STEM  stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Captain Greg and Karen Karch of Learn 2 Fish With Us educated girls and woman to the great sport of fishing while attending Discovery World’s Girls & STEM.  Attendee’s learned different parts of a fish and how a fish uses them, how old an eight inch bluegill and a thirty-three inch walleye is, how to identify different fish and where you can find them, aquatic invasive species, weather, live bait and artificial bait, and so much more.  Science plays such an important role in fishing and our fishing environment.!!

Captain Greg and Karen worked with over a thousand attendee’s during Girls & STEM.  The Karch’s explain ‘it is so important to educate the public on our great sport of fishing and our fishing environment’!!

Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association and Learn 2 Fish With Us many of the youth received a fishing educational book, fish identification cards, fishing combo or a NPAA Future Pro Shirt.