Another Great Way To Help Learn 2 Fish With Us

If you are looking for ways to help Learn 2 Fish With Us, but can’t find the time to make it to an event.  No problem!!  Contact Captain Greg, as there are many ways you can help. For many big events, Captain Greg needs help rigging fishing combos with a hook, sinker and bobber.  These fishing combos are given to the youth to use at the event and to then take home after the event.  Captain Greg, will drop off everything needed to accomplish the task.  You will have as long as you need, and once completed, Captain Greg will pick up.  This is a great way to volunteer around your busy schedule.

Just recently Bill and his dad Dennis, assisted by rigging fifty fishing combos and placing one thousand Learn 2 Fish With Us labels on our fishing educational book.

Thanks so much Bill and Dennis for your help!!