Oaklawn Elementary Fifth Graders Say ‘Got Another One’!!

It was a beautiful day and the fish were biting!!  Captain Greg and volunteers of Learn 2 Fish With Us hosted a fishing day for the Oaklawn Elementary fifth graders.  The event was held at Menominee Park, which is located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  This event took place on May 23rd.  Over sixty students, were split into three groups which rotated through three stations, which included fishing, sailing and outdoors skills. Captain Greg and crew from Learn 2 Fish With Us shared their passion for fishing by educating them on fishing, and then took them fishing. 

Students learned the skills and equipment need to begin fishing such as; safety while fishing, spin cast and spinning fishing combos, how to cast, different fishing presentations, fish identification, knots, live and artificial bait, aquatic invasive species, keeping a fishing log and so much more.  We were also very lucky to have Jason Higgins DNR warden for Winnebago county and we talked about what he does.  After each seminar, students went fishing for an hour.  Fishing was awesome and the students caught largemouth bass, bluegill, perch, rock bass, bullheads and even golden shiners!!  You should have seen all the smiles as many students caught their first, second and some even their third fish!!