Fishing Checklist With Additional Items Needed When Fishing From Boat

Below are the additional items need when fishing from a boat: (Please also refer to the shore fishing checklist)

  • Life jacket for each person in boat along with one throwable
  • Great lakes safety kit requirement– Flares, flare gun, whistle
  • Anchor and rope
  • Boat fenders
  • Throw rope along with tie downs
  • Front and back navigation light if fishing during dawn or dusk
  • Electronics / GPS to help you while fishing and returning back
  • Map of lake
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Boat cover
  • Spare oil
  • Spare plug
  • Paddle
  • Great lakes kit – Flares, flare gun, whistle
  • Bucket in case boat takes on water
  • If battery on board must be affixed to boat and battery connections must me covered up
  • Know the rules of the water such as boat driving at you, no wake buoy and so forth
  • Duct tape
  • Vehicle and boat insurance information
  • Weather radio
  • Launch pass


Trailer needs:

  • Spare tire and jack – Make sure the jack can lift the boat up to change tire
  • All trailer lights work
  • Bow strap is in good shape

Simple and easy fish chowder

Here is a video that takes you through all the steps of creating fish chowder!!

January 16th Fishing Clinic Video

Here is a video we shot during the January 16th cub scout Ice Fishing Clinic.  Let us know if your group or organization is looking for a Ice Fishing Clinic.

Captain Greg’s Fishing Checklist When Fishing From Shore

Captain Greg’s Fishing Checklist:

  • First item is to have a valid fishing license if required. Based on your fishing you may need additional stamps.  In Wisconsin, people 16 or older require a fishing license.
  • Fishing Regulations – can pull up on phone and download to phone
  • Have a fun attitude so you can have a great day
  • Fishing combos with a spare or two in case you encounter issues
  • Tackle box with spare tackle, extra line, bobbers, hooks and sinkers of all sizes
  • Bait – For minnows it is nice to have an aerator. If warm, make sure to keep bait in a cooler
  • Pliers, line clippers / shears, hemostat or multi-tool pliers as it has almost any tool needed
  • Ruler to be able to measure fish that have size restrictions
  • Camera or phone to take great pictures from the day
  • Map for body of water fishing. Navionics has a great app to show you roads, landings and so much more
  • Sun protection and sun screen lip balm to protect your lips
  • Insect repellant
  • Sun glasses – protect eyes from sun and hooks along with if polarized to see fish.
  • Cooler with ice to keep beverages cool. Use to transport fish and keep fish fresh
  • Bottled water so you can stay hydrated
  • Snacks
  • Hat / fishing gloves / bandana
  • Life jacket or throwable if fishing from shore. If in a boat a life jacket is needed for each person on boat.  Youth 13 and under are required to wear life jacket.  Each boat must also have a throwable that is easily reachable.
  • Net
  • Comfortable chair
  • Fillet knife
  • First Aid Kit
  • Couple towels to keep hand clean and dry
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Small poncho
  • Toilet paper
  • If fishing northern or muskie a jaw spreader
  • Compass
  • Flashlight

Head2Head’s Pro Walleye Series Partners With Learn 2 Fish With Us

Head2Head’s Pro Walleye Series Partners With Learn 2 Fish With Us For Their Inaugural Season in 2021

Appleton, WI, Release Date: February 4, 2021

Head2Head Fishing’s Pro Walleye Series is happy to announce a new partnership with Learn 2 Fish With Us. Greg Karch, a certified angler educator and instructor with the Wisconsin DNR and BSA, started this non profit organization in 2006 with a mission “to grow the sport of fishing by educating and inspiring both beginner and experienced anglers.” Having this as their main focus and mission statement has helped them host over 268 fishing clinics across the Midwest which in total educated 50,000 youth and adults on the skills and equipment needed to both open water and ice fish.

With support from the Future Angler Foundation, Greg Karch with Learn 2 Fish With Us will be hosting clinics during each PWS event in 2021 with special appearances from PWS anglers.  Greg will be covering all the basics on how to start fishing followed by PWS anglers taking the kids to the shoreline to try out everything they learned. These seminars will be hosted on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights of each event in each event location from 4-6pm.

Future Angler Foundation president, Pat Neu said, “Greg Karch and his  Learn to Fish With Us team do an amazing job of educating young anglers  about the sport of fishing. Our foundation continues to support Greg’s efforts  with our donations of rods/reels that he can give to the attendees at his events  to assure these new young anglers have the equipment they need to get  started as anglers. Greg’s efforts in conjunction with the new PWS and it’s  engaging education format makes this partnership a perfect fit for the FAF to  achieve its mission to “Create New Anglers.”

The whole team here at Head2Head has really gotten behind Learn 2 Fish With Us and their mission and we can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us.

To learn more about Learn 2 Fish With Us, click here.

More information about Head2Head fishing and upcoming events can be found on our website:

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