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What Fish is That? Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 2)

It’s the fish identification guide you’ve been waiting for! If you’re still undecided on your catch after reading Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 1), check out our next list of common game fish found in Wisconsin below. 1. LARGEMOUTH BASS Also known as “Bucketmouth,” the largemouth bass has a big mouth with an …

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What Fish Is That? Types of Game Fish in Wisconsin (Part 1)

Whether you’re on the water every day or a fishing newbie, check out our guide below to get to know common fish in Wisconsin waters.   1. BLUEGILL If you’re fishing in the warm, quiet waters of Wisconsin and the fish has a black spot on its “earflaps,” you most likely caught a bluegill. These fish are the most common sunfish in the …

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3 Different Ways to Tie a Fishing Knot

Every beginner angler should know how to tie several different types of fishing knots before heading out on the water. Check out these step-by-step tutorials to learn the different ways you can tie a fishing knot. Palomar Knot Step 1: Push your line through the eye of your hook and then push it back to …

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Learn 2 Fish With Us Educates Youth At Kiwanis Kids Fishing Day

On Saturday, April 22nd, Learn 2 Fish With Us and their volunteers attended the Kiwanis Kids Fishing Day which was held at Regner Park in West Bend, WI.   Learn 2 Fish With Us educated the public on the skills needed to fish through Fishing Basics seminars, which took place ever hour in the pavilion.  Backyard Bass …

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