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Fishing Tips for the beginner and advanced angler tips

3 Different Ways to Tie a Fishing Knot

Every beginner angler should know how to tie several different types of fishing knots before heading out on the water. Check out these step-by-step tutorials to learn the different ways you can tie a fishing knot. Palomar Knot Step 1: Push your line through the eye of your hook and then push it back to …

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Insider Tricks on How to Catch the “Big One” + Ice Fishing Safety Checklist

ice fishing insider tricks

Insider Tricks:  Know your target species  Before you grab your ice-fishing gear and head to the lake, do a little research on the fish you are trying to catch and where they spend their time. What do they eat? Where do they live? Do they tend to like deep or shallow areas? After you conduct your research (a visit …

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Weekly Fishing Tips From Fishing Pro Greg Karch

        Starting in March Fishing Pro Greg Karch will provide weekly Fishing Tips.  So, check in every week for a tip to help you out while fishing.  Check out the Educational Video library as there are many fishing tips included in the videos.  This spring Learn 2 Fish With Us will be on the water …

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