Captain Greg Hangs Out with the Menasha High School Fishing Team

Our own Captain Greg paid a special visit to the Menasha High School Fishing Team on Monday, Feb. 26 to tell them all about Learn 2 Fish With Us and the National Professional Anglers Association, as well as to share a few of his ice fishing tips and tricks.

Captain Greg and the Menasha High School Fishing Team discussed the ways Learn 2 Fish and the fishing team can partner in the future, including volunteering at future L2F events! The meeting ended with a competitive backyard bass tournament. Congrats on the win, Marcus!

“I loved having the opportunity to share my knowledge of fishing with the Menasha High School Fishing Team,” Karch said. “I can’t wait to work alongside them at some of our upcoming fishing clinics.”


Captain Greg with the Menasha High School Fishing Team Captain Greg with the Menasha High School Fishing Team

Thousands of Fishing Enthusiasts Gather at the 2019 Wisconsin Fishing Expo

The gloomy weather didn’t stop thousands of fishing enthusiasts from attending the Wisconsin Fishing Expo Feb. 22-24 in Madison. Anglers from all over gathered at the Alliant Energy Center Exposition Hall to enjoy hundreds of fishing exhibits and workshops led by nonprofit fishing clubs to help attendees improve their fishing skills and knowledge.

Captain Greg represented Learn 2 Fish With Us by leading several Fishing Basics workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Future anglers of all ages learned about fishing equipment and safety, casting techniques and fish identification. The workshops also covered live and artificial bait and the Aquatic Invasive Species message of ‘Clean Drain Dry.’

As a bonus, 100 lucky youth that were the first to attend the Learn 2 Fish workshops received a NPAA Future Pro Shirt and fishing combo’s thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association (What an awesome prize!).


Captain Greg at Wisconsin Fishing Expo Captain Greg at Wisconsin Fishing ExpoCaptain Greg at Wisconsin Fishing Expo

Learn 2 Fish With Us Host Fishing Basics Seminars At The Wisconsin Fishing Expo

Captain Greg, Learn 2 Fish With Us Angler Educator was at the Wisconsin Fishing Expo for the eight year in a row.  The weather may have been questionable due to the rain, snow and ice but it did not stop the families and adults from making it to the Fishing Basics seminar.  Fishing Basics educated the families to all the skills and equipment needed to begin fishing.  Greg hosted two seminars on Saturday, February 23rd and one on Sunday.  Thanks to the National Professional Anglers Association for sponsor the seminars with fishing combo’s and NPAA Future Pro Shirts.

Menasha High School Fishing Team Learn About NPAA and Learn 2 Fish With Us

On Tuesday, February 26th, Greg attended the Menasha High School Fishing Team meeting where he talked about the National Professional Anglers Association and why being a member is so important in the fishing industry and their possible fishing career.  Greg also covered the mission of Learn 2 Fish With Us and what we are doing to grow the sport of fishing.  Greg also discussed with the Menasha High School Fishing Team, how they could help as volunteers at upcoming events. .

After the meeting we had a bracketed Backyard Bass fish off where Marcus won!!

Captain Greg Educates Menasha High School Fishing Team

On Tuesday, December 18th, Captain Greg from Learn 2 Fish With Us attended the Menasha High School Fishing Team meeting.   The Menasha High School Team just formed a couple months ago and were looking from tips for their upcoming ice fishing tournaments.  During the meeting Greg reviewed safety while ice fishing, equipment and many useful tips.  Captain Greg also reviewed the new technology that Garmin has called Panoptix and can really help while ice fishing.

During the meeting Greg and Karen Karch offered two students memberships to the National Professional Anglers Association.  The students were asked to some an essay on why they would like a membership to the National Professional Anglers Association.  The students selected were Max and Marcus.

Open L2F Board Position-Treasurer

treasurer position

Do you live to fish? Are you looking to help a great cause? Then look no further! Learn 2 Fish With Us is currently seeking a new fish-loving treasurer to join our board. This position is a 2-year term and begins in March 2019. If you aren’t afraid to take on a little bookkeeping (we’re a pretty simple organization…really!)  and share your love for fishing, apply here!


Insider Tricks on How to Catch the “Big One” + Ice Fishing Safety Checklist

Insider Tricks: ice fishing insider tricks

Know your target species 

Before you grab your ice-fishing gear and head to the lake, do a little research on the fish you are trying to catch and where they spend their time. What do they eat? Where do they live? Do they tend to like deep or shallow areas? After you conduct your research (a visit to a local bait shop IS research…), create an ice-fishing action plan that includes the bait and tackle for the fish (like walleye) you want to land.   

Master jigging 

Whether you’re fishing perch or walleye, mastering ice fishing jigging techniques is crucial to your success. After you finish watching Captain Greg Karch’s video on how to jig while ice fishing, get out on the ice and start practicing!  

Patience is key 

Learning how to be patient when ice fishing is a must-have skill. It might take a little longer to get a bite because fish have less energy when it’s cold out, but don’t give up! Practice patience and you’ll start catching fish in no time (ok, you may need to wait awhile before you get a bite on your line).  

 Ice Fishing Safety Checklist 

  • Wear the proper gear to stay warm 
  • This includes the correct footwear, a hat and gloves (pro tip: bring two pairs of gloves in case the first pair gets wet), heat packs, and layered clothing. If you start to get too cold, it’s time to head back inside.  
  • Don’t go alone 
  • Bringing a friend gives you an extra hand or someone to call for help if something goes wrong.  
  • Know the current ice conditions 
  • Always be prepared in case you fall through 
  • Bringing the right equipment on your ice fishing trip is important if you or someone else falls through the ice. Safety gear you should always bring with you includes a whistle, ice spuds, life jacket, rope and ice cleats.  

Watch Captain Greg’s ice fishing safety video to review more tips on how to stay safe while out on the ice!

NPAA Conference

What better way to kick off the new year than by joining fellow fishermen and fisherwomen from around the Midwest at the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) conference Jan. 4–6 in Minneapolis. Learn 2 Fish With Us President and Executive Director, Greg Karch, led a seminar called “Make a Wave by Hosting a Future Angler Event” on Saturday, Jan. 5 and Sunday, Jan. 6 to help fellow anglers learn what it takes to host a fishing workshop for kids.

The NPAA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sportfishing. Members range from professional guides to angler educators to passionate industry professionals, and the annual conference gives anglers of all experience levels a sneak peek at new fishing gear, as well as keynote and breakout sessions covering a wide-range of topics.

Captain Greg’s seminar covered various topics including the ins and outs of an NPAA-sponsored angler educator event, identifying your audience and key topics to cover when hosting a future angler event.

“I loved leading a seminar amongst so many like-minded individuals at the NPAA conference,” Karch said. “I am so passionate about teaching kids how to fish, and I hope I inspired other anglers to give back to their communities by hosting NPAA-sponsored fishing workshops.”

NPAA Conference NPAA Conference NPAA Conference


Nothing but Gratitude for the Kellers’ Donation

Learn 2 Fish With Us received a very generous donation from James and Rosanne Keller at the Future Anglers Association banquet on Saturday, Jan. 5, which was held during the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) Conference.

And this isn’t the first time Learn 2 Fish has been lucky enough to receive a donation from the Kellers. In 2016, they matched the amount the organization raised itself. Those funds not only helped Learn to Fish increase its number of fishing workshops, but also establish much needed policies and procedures to keep volunteers and participants safe, including a liability insurance policy and running background checks on all volunteers.

Learn 2 Fish also received a generous donation from Greg and Kristin Strehlow, active followers of the organization.

As a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, Learn 2 Fish relies on donations like these to cover expenses—like background checks, purchasing fishing combos and reimbursing travel expenses—of hosting fishing workshops. This year Learn 2 Fish is also developing a program to work with high school fishing teams.

Learn 2 Fish President and Executive Director, Greg Karch, said donations like these are the driving force of the organization.

“Without support from our donors, it’s hard to live out our mission of ‘Growing the sport of fishing by educating and inspiring the beginner and experienced angler’,” Karch said. “I am so thankful for the continued support of donors like the Kellers and Strehlows who help keep our organization strong and are investing in teaching kids and their families an activity they can enjoy together for a lifetime.”



Pulaski Cub Scouts Learn About Fishing

On Monday, October 8th, Learn 2 Fish With Us traveled to Pulaski, Wisconsin, where Captain Greg presented his Fishing Basics seminar to the Cub Scouts.  Besides Cub Scouts, sibling also attended which brought the youth count for this event to just over ninety.  That is an awesome turnout!!

During the Fishing Basics seminar Captain Greg covered safety while fishing, parts of fish, how to us a spin cast and spinning fishing combo, how to cast, how to tie a Clinch and Palomar knot, different fishing presentations, live and artificial bait, fish identification and the Aquatic Invasive Species message of ‘Clean Drain Dry’ .  We also reviewed catch and release and when fishing try to leave the area you are fishing cleaner than when you arrived.

The youth were so excited when they learned that would get a educational book, Shakespeare’s, My Fishing Journal along with a fishing related prize.  The prizes consisted of spin cast and spinning fishing combos, NPAA Future Pro shirts and Plano tackle boxes with tackle.